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Reader’s Choice Awards 2019

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Awarding excellence and innovation in the event tent industry.

1. Best Tent Manufacturer: Anchor® Industries Inc.

“Be it a corporate event, fundraiser or a high end wedding, The Alleen Company prides itself on putting forward the highest quality event, paying attention to the finest detail,” says Barbara Scull, president of The Alleen Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. “This same mindset is why we buy tents from and partner with Anchor Industries. The quality of their product from small tents for backyard events to gala affairs requiring beautiful tension tents is second to none, and their service after the sale is excellent. Their ability to take on unique challenges allows us to tailor the product to meet our customers’ needs. It provides a great sense of security knowing we will get a quality product time after time.”

Best Tent Manufacturer Honorable Mention: Fred’s Tents & Canopies Inc.








2. Best Tent Fabric Supplier: Herculite® 

“We owe a measure of our success to Herculite because it offers the very best laminated vinyl on the market today,” says Scott Sutherland, president of tent manufacturer Olympic Tent, Tacoma, Wash. “The quality of the Herculite product is so high that we use it in our marketing to emphasize to tent rental companies that the best materials will last longer and provide the best return on investment.” Adds Ali Riyaz, superintendent of operations for Tentnology, Vancouver, B.C., “The people at Herculite are creative and open minded, and they worked with us to meet our needs by investing in their R&D capabilities. Herculite knows fabrics, and we know tent design, so we were able to find a solution that works for both of us. There is no question that Herculite offers the best laminated tent fabric available today.”

Best Tent Fabric Supplier Honorable Mention: Snyder Manufacturing Inc.

3. Best Anchor System Supplier: Block and Roll® Tent Ballast Solutions

“Block and Roll has taken the guess work out of how to ballast tents in the future,” says Dan Hooks, president and owner of Party Reflections, Charlotte, N.C. “Their system provides not only the concentrated holding power of concrete, but it attaches to the tent more effectively at multiple points for better holding power and includes the material handling capability to transport them to and from the jobsite. It is a well-thought-out system from yard to event site and back.”  

Best Anchor System Supplier Honorable Mention: Hogan Company Inc.

4. Best Flooring/Staging Supplier—IT’S A TIE! 

“Since our purchase of the TF2100 floor system, we have increased our bottom line revenues by being able to accommodate most any space for a tent,” says Mike Holland, president, Chattanooga Tent Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. “The ease in installation and engineering has allowed us to cut labor cost, as well as knowing that we have installed a very safe and stable floor. I feel that the TF2100 is one of the best products to be made available to our industry in recent years.”


Dura-Trac® Flooring Ltd. 

“The Dura-Trac team was nothing but professional, from start to finish, under an incredibly tight deadline for a very high-profile event,” reports the professionals from Universal Music Group Nashville. “Dura-Trac is one of those products that people have likely experienced without realizing the value of the brand and the quality of the product. Dura-Trac was the foundation of the structure in which we were hosting 5,000+ fans over three days of live music performances with Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum acts. We never once worried about the floor or its sturdiness, even with more than 300 people jumping up and down to the music.”

5. Best Tent Heating/Cooling Supplier: L. B. White Co. LLC

“I have been purchasing my event heaters from L.B. White for 25 years,” says Joe Seefeld, purchasing agent at Arena Americas, Oak Creek, Wis. “I have found several exclusive products for our rental equipment line. They always provide outstanding customer service and communication. I will continue to use them for all of my portable heating sourcing.” Made in America from high quality materials, L.B. White Premier® tent heaters are backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty. With quiet operation and a clean look, the Premier® enhances event comfort while going virtually unnoticed by guests. 

Best Tent Heating/Cooling Supplier Honorable Mention: Flagro USA Inc.

6. Best Custom Graphic Supplier: Anchor® Industries Inc.

“Our primary business is the installation, maintenance and tear down of tent structures for the PGA Tour,” says Shawn Smith, quality assurance manager, Shaffer Sports and Events, Houston, Texas. “A component of this is graphics required by the different sponsors. As you would expect, our customers are very particular in the exact duplication of their logos, and the timeline required for these installations can be very demanding. That is the reason we use Anchor Industries, not only as a fabric supplier, but also when graphics are required for these tournaments. We can depend on quality duplication of the artwork, and just as important, an on-time delivery.”

Best Custom Graphic Supplier Honorable Mention: Fred’s Tents & Canopies Inc.

7. Best Stake Driver or Puller: Tent OX™

“Ever since we have invested in the Tent OX, pounding stakes in the ground is a breeze,” says Kevin Vasquez of Made in the Shade, West Sacramento, Calif. “When I first started in the tent business, one of the hardest parts about take downs was whether the stakes were coming out with ease or we were going to have to cut them out of the ground. Now with good record keeping and input from our team, if there are stubborn stakes at the job site, we make sure the Tent OX is onsite to pull them out. As our safety program is at the top of our list, having the Tent OX to pull out stakes instead of manpower saves on backs, time and injuries that could occur.” 

Best Stake Driver or Puller Honorable Mention: Rainier Force Hydraulic Stake Puller 

8. Best Keder Supplier: Keder Solutions 

“We are proud clients of Keder Solutions products since 2012,” says Nelson Grandchamp, production manager for Grandchamp Structure Design Inc. and Grandchamp Chapiteaux Inc. “When Keder Solutions introduced DuraKeder in 2017, a fully bonded keder, we were one of the first users. We are a manufacturer and also a rental company in Montreal, Canada, and almost exclusively use clearspan structures. As a rental company we understand the value of using high quality products that can stand up to repeated install. It directly effects the lifespan of our structure tops, which dramatically cuts time and money on repairs. This is why since 2017 all Grandchamp clearspan comes standard with DuraKeder.

Best Keder Supplier Honorable Mention: American Keder Inc.

9. Best Tent Washer/Cleaner/Repair Supplier:Teeco Solutions 

“[Purchasing a Teeco tent washing machine] was a big decision for us being as small as we are,” says George Quickstad, owner of The Tent Guys, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada. “But it’s some of the better money I’ve spent. Definitely worth the investment. The machine functions well. It washes well. The water gets inside places, in the ropes and through the pockets. The hand washing doesn’t get in the pockets. My machine will pay for itself in three years.”

Best Tent Washer/Cleaner/Repair Supplier Honorable Mention: Charnecke CCC Washers Inc.

10. Best Tent Liner Supplier: Baytex Liners from Rainier Industries Ltd.

“We have used Rainier Tent liners, leg drapes and pole sleeves for more than 25 years, and many of the liners we purchased 20 years ago are still in service today,” says Brian Richardson, president of L&A Tent Rentals, Hamilton, N.J. “The quality of their products is unsurpassed. Our staff loves the ease of installation, and our clients can’t stop raving about how Rainer liners turn an ordinary tent into an exquisite event space.” Ronda Lynne Kornegay, synergy and sunshine officer with Classic Event Rental, Asheville, N.C., adds, “They always provide prompt, courteous service and deliver the product on time and as promised. The beautifully crafted liners create a ‘wow’ factor in our tents, elevating the overall atmosphere of the event. And the straightforward installation is a time saver for our crew.”

Best Tent Liner Supplier Honorable Mention: Structure | LINERS

11. Best Rental Furniture Supplier: Palmer Snyder 

“The products we purchase from Palmer Snyder are always top notch,” says Rick Crum, CERP, vice president of operations, Premiere Events, Austin, Texas. “The quality over time is worth it. I have always loved the sales rep I have worked with. There have been only two. The first was very knowledgeable and friendly. The second was my favorite of all; so knowledgeable about product, services or upcoming deals, . . . like dealing with a trusted friend.” Adds Valerie Elmore, American Party Rental, Austin, Texas, “We recommend [Palmer Snyder] . . . because they have great customer service. What we especially like is they do what they say, which is big in our book.”

Best Rental Furniture Supplier Honorable Mention: SOLUTIONSCMR 

12. Best Linen Supplier: A1 Tablecloth Co.

 “From everyone here at A1, we would like to thank our customers for their support in choosing us as Best Linen Supplier in the InTents Reader’s Choice Awards,” writes the A1 Tablecloth team. “It is an absolute privilege to be your linen supplier, and thank you for entrusting us with your business!” Founded in 1989, A1 was the first company to both rent and sell linens nationwide. A1 developed efficient methods of getting linens to customers at a fair price within the short lead-time that the special events industry has grown accustomed to. “We continue to innovate with the growth of custom printing, the addition of our Designer Collection and exceptional customer service. . . . Whether it’s an oversized chair, an odd-sized table or a drape for a backdrop, we can cut and sew it for you.”

Best Linen Supplier Honorable Mention: Choice Party Linens Inc.

13. Best Lighting System Supplier: B&R Innovations LLC

“After the first use [of eight High Bay LED lights from Block and Roll] I was extremely happy with my purchase,” says Rob Cruikshank of 24/7 Events, Santa Clarita, Calif. “Two months later we purchased 40 more units in both the black and the white frame. I am convinced that these are the most efficient, attractive, rugged, easy-to-use and cost effective High Bay lights on the market.” Block and Roll LED lights are designed for quick and easy installation and are lightweight. The lights use less energy from onsite power sources, yielding higher output with limited power consumption.

Best Lighting System Supplier Honorable Mention: Rainier Industries Ltd.

14. Best Rental Software: Point of Rental Software

“The ownership of the company and the people behind them are always trying to improve the system, which really makes our life easier,” says Brandon Ahlgren, Elite Events & Rentals, Tampa, Fla. “Since buying the software in 2013, we’ve added Contract Fulfillment, we’ve added purchase orders, we’ve added Dispatch Center . . . everything we do, it just makes our life easier, the more we integrate as one system.” Nazli Rahman of Bravo Location Rentals, Dorval, Quebec, Canada, says that Point of Rental “is really easy to use, but my most favorite part is the support staff. If we’re not able to resolve an issue ourselves, they’re always there to help us through it.” 

Best Rental Software Honorable Mention: Party Track Rental Software

15. Best Customer Service: Anchor Industries Inc.

“In the extremely competitive market we find ourselves in, our company provides top-notch service to set ourselves apart from our competitors,” says Warren Darby, owner of Rent-E-Quip, Colonial Heights, Va. “This is one of the reasons we do business with Anchor Industries. They understand that the service provided after the sale is just as important as providing a quality product. Their in-field representation is very responsive, and the home office is always willing to help out with anything from engineering criteria to flame certification. It is like having an extension of our own company who can help out with the myriad challenges presented on a daily basis. If you have an issue, they are more than willing to lend assistance.”

Best Customer Service Honorable Mention: Fred’s Tents & Canopies Inc.



Reader Pick, Best Tent Manufacturer: Losberger De Boer
“The quality of product that Losberger provides its customers is unmatched. It’s like the old saying, ‘You get what you pay for,’ and with Losberger it’s a superior product which will last you forever if taken care of properly!”
— Justin Souza, US Tent Rental, Sarasota, Fla.

Reader Pick, Best Tent Manufacturer: Aztec Tents
“Tidewater Sail Cloth Tents are the best tents I’ve ever installed. Upon opening my company, I have selected to use the
Tidewater line exclusively.”
—Christopher Bell, president and owner, Coastal Maine Canopies, Pownal, Maine

Reader Pick, Best Tent Manufacturer: Fiesta Tents
“Excellent customer service, outstanding responsiveness and fantastic products!”
—Paul Ussher, director of operations, Premier Event Tent Rentals, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Reader Pick, Best Tent Manufacturer: Tentnology
“Great customer service, long lasting products, engineered and comes with wind rating specs.”
—Toni Thorne, Sandy’s U-Rent, Walla Walla, Wash.

Reader Pick, Best TENT MANUFACTURER: Eureka!
“Great service and friendly staff.”
—Devin Morley, Muskoka Event Services, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

Reader Pick, Best Heating/Cooling Supplier: Flagro USA
“Tent heater THC-85 works great and never has any issues!”
—Toni Thorne, Sandy’s U-Rent, Walla Walla, Wash.

Reader Pick, Best Tent Washer/Cleaner/Repair Supplier: Charnecke CCC Washers Inc.
“This machine is never late or sick from work and always does an awesome job!”
— Steve Birdseye, Majestic Tents and Events, Rochester, Minn.

Reader Pick, Best Rental Software: Rentmaster Rental Management Solutions
“Affordable and easy to use. Very responsive to customer requests.”
— Paul Ussher, director of operations, Premier Event Tent Rentals, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Reader Pick, Best Customer Service: Economy Tent International
“Amazing customer service. I have been working with them for five years. Always perfect, on time, professional!”
— Marianela Rodriguez, Eventfully Yours Rentals, Key West, Fla.

Reader Pick, Best Customer Service: Aztec Tents
“Our rep Mike is super fast at getting back to us about our questions and ordering. Great company!”
—Roseann Shanley, Aztec Rental, Roanoke, Va.

Reader Pick, Best Customer Service: Point of Rental Software
“I cannot tell you how pleased we are by our move to Point of Rental. Our customer service choice is because of Jamie Singleton. Always eager to help, always kind and supportive.”
—Cindy Sower, Sun Valley Equipment Rentals, Sun Valley, Calif.

Reader Pick, Best Customer Service: Economy Tent International
“When it comes to customer service, ETI is always there for their customers and to welcome new customers. Always helpful,
always accurate, always reliable.”
—Mateo Biggs, The Chiavari Chair Co., Hialeah, Fla.


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