Choosing the right CRM

December 1, 2022  |  Business, Tips and Techniques

Most businesses use a few different software packages. Email and calendars are typically bundled together in services like Gmail and Outlook. Documents are typically handled with Microsoft Word and arrays of data with Excel.
Cold weather safety tips to protect workers

December 1, 2022  |  Business, Safety

As we head into December, it’s important to be prepared for the oncoming winter weather. In this article, we’re detailing the extreme risks associated with winter weather and sharing our top cold weather safety tips to protect your workers on outdoor jobsites.
The four crucial habits of successful salespeople, part 2

October 1, 2022  |  Business

The R-S-P-F Sales Formula™ focuses on four measurable and repeatable habits, traits and processes that all salespeople must be proficient in, and that all sales leaders must monitor closely. Part One of this series outlined the first two crucial habits: Research and Scheduling. But that is only pa…
Leading indicators

October 1, 2022  |  Business

Leading indicators are proactive, preventive and predictive measures that provide information about the effective performance of your safety and health activities. They measure events leading up to injuries, illnesses and other incidents and reveal potential problems in your safety and health progra…
Inventory obituary

October 1, 2022  |  Business

One of the most common struggles all tent and event rental companies face is managing their dead and obsolete inventory. It is one of those back-burner items that no one wants to bring up for fear that they will be appointed to deal with the task. Most people like to employ the ostrich approach to d…
Attract the hourly workforce

August 1, 2022  |  Management

The rapid pace of change due to COVID-19 and its impact on hiring and retaining hourly employees demands a new source of insight to distinguish yourself as an employer. Historically, most employers turn to benchmarking as a first step toward enhancing their employee attraction and retention efforts.…
Four crucial habits of successful salespeople

August 1, 2022  |  Tips and Techniques

I regularly get asked what the most important factor is that contributes to building and managing successful sales teams. While there are many contributing factors, the most critical is engaged sales leaders who proactively identify the four bad habits that impede a salesperson’s ability to effici…
From local store to international leader

August 1, 2022  |  Company Profile

For Janice Grieshop, vice president of Celina in Celina, Ohio, it all began in 1996 when a local hardware store went out of business after 74 years. “My husband, Herb, and I purchased its small inventory of tables, chairs and three tents and started Celina Tent Rental out of our rural home,” she…