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    • All stations ready 

      An East Coast company meets security and weather challenges to provide tenting for nuclear submarine launches.

    • Dome on the move 

      HTS/Höcker Clearspan Structures designs a 50-meter dome for a mobile anniversary celebration.

    • Garden inspiration 

      Sisal carpet over custom flooring lays the foundation for a botanical wedding.

    • Jane Austen-inspired nuptials 

      Two tents bring romantic literature to life for a wedding ceremony and reception.

  • Products

    • Bistro-style lighting 

      Create a trendy atmosphere with lighting across tents or outdoor spaces.

    • Flood app 

      The American Red Cross has a flood app to help save lives and reduce losses from floods and flash floods.

    • Lightweight light tower 

      A self-contained portable light tower package that offers high power and extreme portability in a compact and durable design.

  • Resources

    • Expert Q&A 

      How can drones be used for tented events?

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