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Rooftop installation for luxury vehicle launch

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At the completion of the vehicle launch event, the La Peer Hotel purchased the tent from 24/7 Events to continue to use for additional event space.

A vehicle launch at a West Hollywood hotel by 24/7 Events calls for a bash that pulls out all the stops, including structures by Liri Tent Technology and craning a car onto the roof.

An event taking place in an upscale, vibrant area must be upscale and vibrant as well—it’s an expectation of industry professionals, hosts and the guests who will be attending the event. The event must push the limits. Event professionals must make sure every detail is well planned and well executed. They must dazzle the host and leave the guests talking about the event long after the lights are out and the music has ended. And despite the planning, the event must look effortless.

So when 24/7 Events in Santa Clarita, Calif., designed and installed a tented event for an Infinity vehicle launch at the Kimpton® La Peer hotel in the center of West Hollywood’s Design District—a spot known for its blend of art, architecture and fashion—there was no doubt that the 24/7 team would have to deliver.

Overhead power lines, L.A. traffic, limited parking and a rooftop installation made for challenging logistics for the 24/7 Events’ crew. Photos courtesy of 24/7 Events.
Engineered to perform

The vehicle launch took place on the hotel’s rooftop event space in January 2018. “Planning began in early December 2017 but was not confirmed until after Christmas,” says Jennifer Ortiz, marketing director for 24/7. “The day the tent was finished was the first day the hotel opened to the public. Infinity was the first event to be held at the location.”

Rooftop installations have the additional challenge of potential high winds to contend with, and although this particular event experienced fair weather, the structures needed to be engineered and installed accordingly. 24/7 chose clearspan structures from Liri Tent US for the event: two NHT 122-by-68-by-3-millimeter main beam profile structures with dimensions of 9 by 9 meters and 9 by 21 meters. Side heights of each structure
were 3 meters with a 4.6 meter ridge. “All of our structures, including these, are engineered for 115 mph wind load and have a current structural evaluation by a U.S.-based professional engineer,” says Nate Brancato, president of Liri Tent US. “The roof covers are manufactured with the newest technology double PVC-coated polyester textile with PVDF surface finish that is waterproof, self cleaning, UV resistant and flame retardant to meet California codes and National Fire Protection Agency standards. This promotes long-term durability and vibrancy in fabric color.”

“Since the building was constructed of lumber, not steel and concrete, we had to use concrete ballast to anchor the tent,” says Rob Cruikshank, president of 24/7 Events. “We had to design and manufacture custom steel base plates to attach the tent base plates to. Not only did they have to fit in a tight spot with about a half an inch to spare, they had to accommodate enough Block and Roll® to sufficiently anchor the tent. All of this had to be run by the building’s engineers to make sure the roof top could hold the 30,000-plus pounds of ballast weights, tents, flooring, glass walls, air conditioners, audio/video equipment, art walls, people—and let’s not forget the car!”

The global launch event of the Infiniti QX50 at the La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood included craning a QX50 onto the hotel’s rooftop. Photo courtesy of 24/7 Events.
Step by step

The four-day installation consisted of multiple steps. Day one involved removing the roof tile and bringing up the base plates. Day two included partial erection of the tents and placing the subfloor. Day three included craning in audio and video, artwalls—and a car. And the final day consisted of completing the tent, which included the last few bays, tops and walls. “We dealt with multiple challenges including overhead power lines, L.A. traffic, limited parking, installation on a rooftop and temperature control,” Ortiz says. “We overcame these challenges with extensive planning and strategic coordination with the client.”

Prior to the event commencement, the client wanted to make the marquee entrance wider, which 24/7 accommodated by making custom brackets to avoid having poles in the way. “The challenges from this installation tested our crew’s skills, taught us to work in a difficult environment, and to manage challenging logistics. It also allowed us to be part of an L.A. hotspot,” Ortiz says. “The client was very pleased with the end result.”

The client ended up purchasing the tent from 24/7 to leave on the rooftop for additional event space. “We continue to service it and provide other rentals as they need them,” Ortiz says.

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