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AmpliVox Sound Cruisers

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AmpliVox Sound Systems is offering its Sound Cruiser PA systems in four versions. The product is made for any event requiring audio projection on the road or on the water. The horn PA systems can mount to the roof of cars, trucks, golf carts, emergency vehicles, construction equipment, boats or other vehicles.

The roof-mounted speakers are linked to a 50-watt amplifier, which can be powered by the car’s lighter socket, D-cell batteries, or an optional NiCad rechargeable battery pack.

The product is available in four versions:

Sound Cruiser S312—A twin-horn speaker system that includes a handheld mike attached to the 50-watt amp by a five-foot cord.

Wireless Sound Cruiser SW312—Twin-horn speakers linked to a 50-watt amplifier with a built-in 16-channel UHF wireless receiver. The SW312 includes a wireless lapel and headset mike with transmitter.

Quad Sound Cruiser S314—A quad-horn speaker system that projects in all directions for better coverage, with a 50-watt amp and corded handheld mike.

Wireless Quad Sound Cruiser SW 314—Quad-horn speaker system and 50-watt amp equipped with built-in 16-channel UHF wireless receiver, lapel and headset mike, and transmitter.

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