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Event trends using five senses

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When sight, sound, touch, smell and taste are delighted, so are your guests. Cort Trade Show & Event Furnishings shares tips and trends to turn any wedding into the most memorable event of the season.

Some senses, such as sight, are fairly straightforward when designing an event. While the other senses can be a bit more challenging, they present an opportunity to introduce individuality and personality into a design space.

Cort recommends the following to transform your event using the five senses:

Mix patterns, textures and colors to appeal to the eyes. Be aware of the effectiveness of some color schemes and patterns to awaken and energize your guests. Keep in mind that white creates a mood of peace and comfort while orange and yellow create an inviting, friendly and social atmosphere. Use accent color furniture pieces or accessories to add a pop of personality to your event space.

Background noise can be soothing to your clients and guests on what is often a big, but stressful, day. An outdoor atmosphere with soothing sounds can be recreated indoors with water fountains or even something as simple as a sound system tucked behind furniture pieces.

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to touch everything? For some of us, the urge never leaves as we get older. Integrate texture into furniture and decorative pieces. Incorporate different textures into your overall design. Use signature accent pieces.

Introduce scents into your special event. Use real fruit on or in accent pieces such as the dome cages, Drake lanterns or as substitutes for candles on Armida candlesticks. Use fresh floral pieces to add a touch of scent to the room. Another design idea is to choose a signature scent for your wedding and use scented candles to introduce it into the space. Just be sure to not overdo it. Even the most soothing scents can be too much when over-done in a space.

Appealing to taste is probably the most difficult aspect of planning a design space. Pick taste palettes based on personal style and inspirations for the event. Serve refreshments throughout your event such as water, coffee and floral infused teas. Teas play on the sense of smell and add a special ambiance to the room.

Did you know colors have been shown to affect appetite as well as the taste of food? Experts recommend blue color schemes for seafood and a pink palette for desserts. Lighting is also important to make food look more appetizing.

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