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Q: What is Pantone? And how does it
relate to color trends for tented events?

A:Pantone® is a color matching system used by graphic designers, printers and anything that requires consistent color. Pantone assigns numbers to colors in a system known as the Pantone Matching System (PMS). For example, the logo for our company, Party Reflections, uses a green color, PMS 360. When we refer to that PMS number in the development of anything where our logo will appear—from print materials to truck wraps—we know the logo will be reproduced in a consistent green shade.

Pantone is focused on color trends as they apply to fashion and home decor as well as graphic design and predicts what to expect in these realms. Each year the company chooses a Color of the Year that will be the hottest thing going. In 2013 the color was Emerald Green, PMS 17-5641. Suddenly that color was all over the marketplace. We saw emerald green shoes, purses, dresses and jewelry. In 2014, the choice was Radiant Orchid, PMS 18-3224, and quickly those same products appeared in the new hot color. 

When Pantone released its Fashion Color Report Spring 2015 in September, we pulled samples of the highlighted colors from our linen inventory. Clients can now view many option through our linen division, The Linen Gallery, to help incorporate these colors in their event design.

As fascinating as these predictions are to watch, the latest event trend will never sway clients away from the vision they have long dreamed of. Most brides choose wedding colors based on what they love, and if she has always wanted a pink wedding, no amount of Emerald Green will draw her away. It is important to know what is on the horizon, but never lose sight of a client’s needs and desires.

Source: By Maurisa H. Beaver, creative director and linen specialist, Party Reflections, Inc., Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham and Columbia, N.C.
Twitter: @MaurisaBnspired;
@MaurisaBinspired; #PRexperience

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