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Event flow and floor layout can make all the difference

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Q: How can my event flow and floor layout help to create a successful event or party?

As an integral part of most any event at which we perform, Rock With U Entertainment makes it our business to take note of the flow and layout of the room. We do this because, as entertainers, we are integrally involved with more than 80 percent of the event—and when the room is laid out properly, it makes all the difference. We will come in and work with the planner or designer to make sure that there is room for guests to move about and dance, servers have the space they need to do their job, other entertainers can perform, etc. Where should the band be placed? Staging? Seating and lounges? So many questions need to be answered in order for the event to go off without a hitch.

Ross Bielejeski: As the emcee, I become an integral part of the event. Before it’s over I’ll interact with the planner, vendors, guests, any celebrities, entertainers, band and/or deejay and guests of honor. I make announcements, drive the show and work with the band and deejay to keep the energy level high. When there is a prepared progression—a specific path—created for the event, everything can move flawlessly. The way the room is designed will, without fail, make or break the event.

Greg Chinnis: As a deejay, I am in a more stationary position but I am driving the guests with the music. I work hand in hand with Ross to keep the event on track.

Timelines are the single most important piece of the event. It is okay for minor changes to occur, but the changes must be acknowledged by all parties. Lack of communication will negatively affect any event.

Layouts and placement of items (such as bars or lounge furniture) that create a barrier or a distraction are a no-no. That’s a definite flow-killer. For example, bars placed far from the dance floor or attractions (such as a photo booth or food stations) that draw people out of the main space make it difficult—almost impossible—to keep people engaged. In contrast, if you put the bars, furniture, etc. close to the dance floor so people are always in the vicinity of the entertainment, it creates a recipe for success. Bottom line, room layout that harmonizes with your entertainment and does not work against it works!

Ross Bielejeski and Greg Chinnis are rocking Rock With U Entertainment.

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