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The return of the rustic wedding

Trend Watch | April 1, 2009 | By:

Trends converge to create opportunities for tent rental companies.

With all the concern about the economy and the environment, many people are rekindling a closer connection with nature and revisiting simpler ways—and tent rental companies are reaping the benefits. Hosting weddings and wedding receptions in rustic settings is hugely popular right now, says Lynne LaFond DeLuca, senior vice president of business development and education of Beverly Clark Enterprises, Santa Barbara, Calif. “People are looking for different and unusual places to be married,” she says. “And although there is always a segment of the population that opts for lush and luxe, we’re seeing many people planning weddings in barns, meadows, backyards, wineries or city zoos, which all lend themselves to needing tents and rental companies.” That’s good news for tent and rental companies. DeLuca also points to the increase in the amount of second weddings as a reason for the trend. “Brides and grooms are looking for something a little less traditional than they did the first time around,” she says.

Color trends this year merge nicely with the return to rustic weddings. “Hues from nature, such as ambers, fresh, bright greens, cr‘me brulées, bronzes and coppers, are popular right now,” DeLuca says. “We’re also seeing the movement toward local, specialty foods—like foods coming from local farms—entering the picture.”

As to floral arrangements for rustic events, instead of one major centerpiece, people are opting for multiple pieces that create a sort of landscape. Choosing complementary elements of varying heights, textures and colors creates a bridge to the natural environment in which the event is set. “People will use a focal point such as driftwood with shells and then a floral arrangement mixed in with it,” DeLuca says. Whether the bride and groom choose a ranch, a vineyard or a beach for their wedding, one thing is sure—an increase in the number of outdoor weddings spells opportunity for tent rental companies.

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