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Photo booths gaining in popularity

Trend Watch | June 1, 2009 | By:

Photo booths are becoming hot rental items for memorable events.

The old time photo booth has been updated. With new digital technology, custom graphics and other features the updated photo booth is a great new rental item. While the technology is becoming both more reliable and more customizable, the age old appeal of having your picture snapped is making the photo booth a must-have for wedding receptions, graduations, Sweet 16 parties and any other special occasion where guests and memorable events come together.

Digital technology has made the photo booth more reliable and versatile. Photo booths are equipped with digital cameras, image processing and onboard printers, all of which have been tested and proven reliable and rugged enough for the rental industry. And, digital technology makes the photo booth easily customizable. The prints can be made to provide a wide range of backgrounds and themes. Customizing the exterior of the photo booth will require extra lead time for your client.

Some photo booths provide the option of letting the guest of honor have a CD of all the guest photos, or an instant scrap book option done at a reasonable cost.

Determine from your client what their number one priority is. If the client is looking for a basic photo booth that will keep kids amused—that’s one type of machine. If the client is looking to provide their guests with great quality photos that will last a lifetime—that’s another type of machine.

Looking for a local supplier means you should be able to ask for references. Ask the suppliers a lot of “What if…” questions. The reliability of their equipment is going to have a direct impact on your reputation.

Pricing for the sub-rental is generally a turnkey price including all materials and prints. You may need to determine if the vendor is going to require a stand-by attendant or if this is a drop off item. If it is a drop-off rental make sure you have an emergency contact number.

For the right event these new updated standards of Americana are hard to beat.

Ken Keberle is an independent contractor in the tent rental industry and a member of the TRD Steering Committee.

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