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Aztec Tents expands production capabilities

Company News, News | February 28, 2022 | By:

In continued response to the shift in demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Torrance, Calif.-based Aztec Tents  announced it has made significant efforts to increase its production capacity in all departments. Over the past 18 months, Aztec has launched on a long-term strategic capital growth campaign to focus its efforts on continued production growth to support the ever-increasing demand for its products. 

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Aztec launches long-term strategic capital-growth campaign to support huge uptick in orders and ensure its products continue to reach customers on time.

Now on the other side of the uncertainty it faced when the pandemic began, Aztec recently launched its third production line in its fabric production division to aid with the growing demand. This was achieved by repurposing existing warehousing space and outfitting it with the necessary operational equipment to run independent of the main vinyl production floor. The focus of this additional space is to not only increase overall production capacity, but also rebuild stock of some of its core products. 

“Many of our customers continue to struggle with the labor market, but surprisingly the demand for product seems to be inversely affected by the shortage of labor,” said Alex Kouzmanoff, president of Aztec Tents.

As a result of its efforts, Aztec has expanded its production output by 30 percent since this time last year. Kouzmanoff credits much of Aztec’s recent success to his team’s ability to pivot when situations arise that are out of their control.

“We’ve had to re-write what the relationship of supply and demand looks like to our customers and our industry,” said Kouzmanoff. “The concept of ‘The New Normal’ is redefined every day. We can no longer assume the economics and cycles of the past will have any bearing on the future.”

“The future for our industry continues to look strong and the need for outdoor covered space will continue long after the current pandemic ends,” he continued. “While we are thrilled with where our business is at today, we are prepared for the next set of challenges that will come in the post-pandemic economy. For now, we will focus on the things we can control to keep our customers satisfied.”

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