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Building over a building

Installation Spotlight | December 1, 2017 | By:

A construction schedule got back on track after Traube Tents and Structures, Columbia, Ill., installed a 40-by-40-meter clearspan over the site, protecting it from winter weather in the U.S. Midwest. Photos courtesy of Traube Tents and Structures.

A structure tent over an active construction site ends weather delays.

Like every other tent rental company, Traube Tents and Structures of Columbia, Ill., is accustomed to installing tents before the decorators are on the scene, and striking them after the guests go home. But with construction sites, it’s not uncommon for tent installers to be called in after weather has caused the schedule to fall behind. This was the case for a March 2017 tent installation over a building site.

“This was more like setting up the tent while the party was being set up underneath it, and then removing the tent while the party is going on,” says owner and vice president Steve Traube.

The end user of the building under construction was consolidating several business locations, and with leases expiring and weather delays, the contractor needed to expedite the construction of the new building. The solution was to fully enclose the site to allow construction and concrete pours to take place regardless of the Midwest winter.

Following an initial site visit, Traube Tents and Structures recommended covering the entire site with a 40-by-40-meter structure with a 5.4-meter leg height to allow for lifts and other machinery to access the perimeter of the building. This would also allow deliveries to be sheltered.

On the first day of installation, trusses were built adjacent to the actual building site, staged and stacked to be craned into place. Base plates were set despite having to excavate some areas and build footings in others, as the plate locations had been excavated by a contractor but not completely leveled. Over the next two days, trusses were flown into place, tops and walls installed, and lighting and heat were added to create a controlled working environment.

“Our structure was completed without us ever having to shut down the active construction site for more than a few minutes if something was flying overhead,” Traube says.

With their mud, dirt and dust, and constant activities such as aerial work, deliveries and meetings, construction sites are almost always unique and challenging environments for tent installation, Traube says. This installation was so successful that the contractor said that next time, Traube Tents and Structures would be included in the initial bid. The project also received a 2017 International Achievement Award (IAA) for Outstanding Achievement in the corporate tent rental category.

“The general contractor and end user were thrilled with the results of the installation, and after two months under cover, the building opened long before expected,” Traube says.

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