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Macon Tent Rentals goes the extra mile to help its clients create memories

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For a spring wedding in Shreveport, La., Macon Tent Rentals installed this 60-by- 120-foot white Century® tent with center and side pole drapes. Photo courtesy of Macon Tent Rentals.
For a spring wedding in Shreveport, La.,
Macon Tent Rentals installed this 60-by-
120-foot white Century® tent with center
and side pole drapes. Photo courtesy of
Macon Tent Rentals.

The staff at Macon Tent Rentals (MTR) in Macon, Ga., knows the company’s phone doesn’t ring unless someone has some fun planned. From ground breakings to grand openings to a business’s family fun day to collegiate tailgating, creating a celebration is what it’s all about.

This second-generation business grew from a single small frame tent used in the auction business to what it is now—a full service event production company. The company provides services for weddings, corporate and nonprofits, colleges and private events.

“Flexibility and responsiveness to client demands are our commitments,” says co-owner Brian Corrigan. “‘Average’ is our enemy and we appreciate the challenges each event brings.”

A little help from your friends

One strategy MTR employs for successful events is plugging into an established network of talented professionals. Connecting with other event professionals in the state has allowed MTR to serve weddings and corporate events it would otherwise have been unable to. “Some rental companies strategically and intentionally limit their events to the limitations of their inventory,” Corrigan says. “We enjoy and intentionally pursue events that require coordination and orchestration of best-in-class providers of equipment and services beyond the scope of our warehouse.”

Celebration cloned

When one of the top employers in the region asked MTR to provide event services for an employee appreciation luncheon—held simultaneously at five locations throughout middle-Georgia—MTR jumped at the chance. The client’s priority was to provide a similar experience at each location for guests, ranging from several thousand who attended the event in shifts over a 36-hour period, to as few as 90 guests at auxiliary sites.

Corrigan and his crew knew pulling the events off would mean careful logistical planning for serving each location, as well as staying in close contact with the client’s planning committee and the other service providers for the events.

“Collaboration with the facility, property and security management teams at each location was critical to the success of the event because each location had unique installation limitations,” Corrigan says.

On a budget

Although most clients need to be conscious of budgets, brides and grooms often face the steepest contrast between vision and reality. To get the conversation started, MTR promotes a standard wedding package on its website, though Corrigan says it rarely books one.

“Brides in our area remain budget conscious and packages tend to open the door to what is often a conversation regarding a need or preference for additional services or accessories the bride may not have imagined possible,” he says.

Future fun

MTR had a robust rental season in 2015—the strongest in recent years—and Corrigan is optimistic about what that means for tent and event rentals in the near future. “We are very bullish on 2016 and have experienced increased inquiries and considerations for tented events,” he says. “Not only is this a healthy indicator for us on the wedding side, but an increase on the corporate side as well. We have experienced an uptick in family fun-day type events, which is an encouraging signal of the current economy and recognition by businesses of the value of hosting such events.”

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