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A hurricane-destroyed structure is quickly replaced in Bermuda.

Suzie Pewter of The Whitfield Group Ltd. envisioned a unique event center and landmark at the heart of Bermuda’s Hamilton Harbor. This vision was realized with a custom Tentnology SaddleSpan™ structure in October 2013, and again a year later after a hurricane destroyed the original.

“This special structure is installed on a heritage building’s existing deck, close to the cruise ship terminal,” says Suzanne Warner, vice president of Vancouver, Canada-based Tentnology. “Civic, corporate and private events are hosted under this tent.”

With standard structures either too wide or too small for the space, Tentnology engineers designed a “momma bear—just right” 39-by-132-foot customized S1800 Duo Span SaddleSpan with Extend ends, Warner says.

“The curved Extend end allows for arches of fabric to be removed, creating an open sun shade, or closed for private functions,” she says. “The lofting ceiling of this structure is free span with excellent acoustics and sight lines.”

Severe weather was considered in the selection of the structure—Tentnology SaddleSpan tents are engineered for 115-mph winds, Warner says.

“Usually Bermuda has a lot of notice if a hurricane is coming due to their unique geographic position,” Warner says. “In the case of the October 2014 hurricane, there was not enough notice to drop this or any other tent on the island. There was incredible devastation, not the least of which was to this tent.”

With an event scheduled two weeks after the hurricane, Tentnology went to work on an exact replica.

“There were emergency meetings in Bermuda and Vancouver to pull together what was needed to replace the tent,” Warner says. “With all hands on deck and a lot of teamwork, the new, albeit identical, tent was installed in time for the next event.”

Shortly after the hurricane, the client described the company’s work as “a miracle”: “We are still trying to catch up with all that has happened and could not have done it without the extra special efforts of Tentnology. And we have our beautiful structure back.”

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