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An app to determine square footage

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By Greg Meador

Q: Is there an app available to help determine square footage needed for an event?

A: What if you could have a near-exact estimate of the space needed for your event? What about a one-stop shop for tents and other rental items? At Mahaffey Fabric Structures we asked ourselves these questions when we set about to develop an app to determine square footage needed for events.

Those of us in the event industry are quite often out of the office, meeting with customers on site. This app, which can be downloaded to an iOS or Android device, provides immediate information about the approximate square footage needed for an event.

The app asks the user for simple information, such as event date, type, number of guests, accessory items and any special requests. Using location-based technology, the app sends a detailed report to a specific TRD member in the area selected for the event. The details include client contact information, event information, total square feet required, recommended tent size and special requests. Once the TRD member receives the data, he or she can formulate next questions, call the potential customer to obtain any remaining necessary information and provide a formal quote.

In addition to providing the user with a ballpark estimate of the space required for a tented event, the user can select specific accessories to determine how much additional space is needed for invited guests. On the tent rental side, several questions are immediately answered, including ground surface, location, accessories and a best guestimate for tent size and square footage.

My Event Tent was developed for event designers, caterers, venue providers, production managers, florists and photographers—anyone involved in the planning of an event. It also provides access to an extensive industry network, which cuts down on time spent finding vendors and comparing services.

By Beth Wilson, marketing manager, Mahaffey Fabric Structures, Memphis, Tenn. My Event Tent was developed by Mahaffey Fabric Structures in 2010. Mahaffey sold the app to TRD prior to completion, and it is currently owned by IFAI.

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