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Finding the right EPA-compliant temporary power supplier

On the Job | August 1, 2013 | By:

By Greg Meador

Q: What should an event planner look for in an EPA-compliant temporary power supplier?

A: There is growing urgency to provide environmentally friendly power solutions designed to abide by applicable laws, regulations and industry standards. However, many event planners are not looking through “green-colored” glasses and are unaware of the potential consequences of using a non-EPA-compliant power supplier. Therefore, it is not just the responsibility of the supplier to keep the power coming with minimal interruption during an event, but to educate the planner on how to establish a greener footprint.

When evaluating how environmentally friendly or EPA-compliant a rental power company is, event managers should take three factors into account:

  1. Emissions: Is your vendor well-versed on the Clean Air Act and regional emissions requirements? Does it offer alternative fuels such as natural gas or bio-diesel to power its equipment and lower emissions? What is its record of EPA-compliance? Do its generators feature the latest EPA-compliant technology such as Tier 4? Is the equipment well-maintained?
  2. Waste management and noise pollution: Will the vendor be working with a large amount of fuel and waste fluids? What is its policy to properly handle and dispose of these fluids? Is the equipment designed with catch-all bases, double-walled storage tanks or fail-safe valves to minimize fluid spillage? Has protection of the event site been considered during the planning process to ensure minimal environmental impact? Has its equipment been built with acoustic enclosures and isolation systems to maximize quiet operations?
  3. An environmentally responsible culture: Does the vendor practice what it preaches through a proven Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system? Does it discuss environmental regulations and standards during planning? Does the vendor insist that its crews and subcontractors abide by environmental regulations while on-site?

If non-compliant temporary power sources are installed at an event, they can be very costly and their use viewed as irresponsible to your clients and the environment. Hire a temporary power vendor that can answer the hard questions about its environmental responsibilities and has the equipment, experience and HSE culture to ensure your event makes as little of an impact on the event surroundings as possible.

By Greg Meador, head of national event services, Aggreko North America.

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