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Social media strategies

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Get the most out of your social media strategy.

Ever question what your company gets out of social media? Whether you’ve invested in the “right” platform for your message? You’re not alone!

There’s no denying that 2013 is the year of inbound marketing—that is, marketing with a social media focus. The three top platforms—Facebook, Twitter™, and Pinterest—offer different opportunities to capture special events sales. Consider which platforms will work for your business, and peek into strategies of a few industry leaders getting the most out of social media.

FACEBOOK is social media’s golden child, with more than a billion monthly users as of December 2012. Tent and special events buyers use Facebook to follow trends and search for vendor services. Much like your business website, Facebook business pages are a reflection of a company’s professionalism and engagement in the industry—and are fast becoming a necessity for any business.

Get personal—tell your story: Embrace Facebook
by sharing what your company does, who you are and where you’re going. Introduce not only your product
or services but also the people who make your company great. Use this content-driven platform to tap into
trends and concepts that make your business unique.

Making it work: Kathy G & Co., Birmingham, Ala.
Strategy: Unique and interactive posts such as “Food Fight with Kathy G” series, where followers weigh in on menu selection. A balance of broadcast posts about services and “feel good” personal posts connect with followers.

TWITTER is a continually flowing river of communication. Tent and special event professionals are jumping into this fast-paced platform to connect with wider audiences, communicate new ideas and share in experiences beyond their own regions. Special events buyers are educating themselves with the content that those professionals put forth. By tracking hashtags (#), this platform is perfect for getting to know your buyer and them to know you.

Plan to share: A little strategy in how you share information goes a long way. Being deliberate and organized in the content you deliver will allow you to reach new people and new pockets of business. Spend some time getting to know the people and companies following you and also those that you follow. And don’t forget to make those connections personable along the way—you just might find that your online Twitter connections soon become off-line industry resources, friends or even clients.

Making it work: The Simplifiers, Austin, Texas
Strategy: Superheroes of sharing a passion for event planning in an energetic voice and consistent post frequency. They broadcast fun but solid content in a way that’s positive about “all things” events, garnering a worldwide audience for the business.

PINTEREST is a virtual pinboard driven by visual content—ideal for sharing the world of tents and special events. “Pinning” lets you share work, products and ideas. This platform is ideal for organizing event and inventory pictures in a way that makes them easily consumable. A picture is worth 1,000 words, so if you’re not “pinning” for your current and prospective clients, it’s time to get busy!

Pinpoint your message: Build boards with images that are relevant to what your company does and the topics that speak to your client demographic. Use these images as a gateway to drive traffic back to your website and blog. By building followers, you build a community of brand ambassadors and near-future buyers.

Making it work: Williams Party Rentals, San Jose, Calif.

Strategy: The company’s streamlined boards focus on inventory and ideas for using the inventory—living up to the motto “Entertaining Made Easy.” Every pin directs the visitor back to their website, increasing their website SEO and company exposure.

Social media doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Find a strategy that works for your business, and begin expanding your audience.

Kelly Treadway, / @eventcurious.

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