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Larson Electronics releases rechargeable portable power supply

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Larson Electronics has released a power distribution system designed to provide a source of portable 120 VAC power for locations where standard power sources are unavailable or impractical. The BPLI-2K-120 Portable Power Supply is a rechargeable and portable power supply and distribution system ideal for powering lighting, cameras, computers and many other devices, and can provide up to 24 hours of power on a single charge without the noise and fumes of standard fuel powered generators.

The system features a 1,200 watt hour lithium ion battery for long life and steady output and a wheeled housing with telescoping handle for easy transport. This power supply is rated for 2,000 watts continuous use and 4,000 watt peak output and can provide power for up to 24+ hours depending upon the load the unit is place under. The onboard lithium ion battery is rated for 2,000 charge cycles at an average 75 percent depth discharge, meaning the unit will provide thousands of charge and discharge cycles before the battery loses peak effectiveness.

Ideal for rental companies, general contractors, electricians, carpenters, video and film crews and outdoor vendors who need to run equipment independently of standard grid power and prefer a noiseless power source that won’t interfere with their operations.

Source: Larson Electronics

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