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Aztec Tents introduces Jumbotrac Lite

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Aztec Tents, Torrance, Calif., has unveiled Jumbotrac™ Lite, the newest addition to the Jumbotrac family of kedered-frame tent products. Using a reinforced, twin channel, 2-inch West Coast frame platform, the Jumbotrac Lite Frame System significantly reduces wear to the fabric and provides exceptional performance in both short-term and season-long applications.

“The Jumbotrac Lite’s innovative, slide-in design protects fabric from scrapes and drag marks and makes tent installation a breeze. Instead of pulling the entire top over the frame, the channels in the Jumbotrac frame do the work for you,” said Alex Kouzmanoff, vice president of Aztec Tents. “The slide-in design allows you to install the fabric on the ground or in the air, and no pins are required.”

The non-engineered frame tent system allows the fabric to slide through a channel in the extruded aluminum frame, making for easier installations and a significant reduction in wear to the fabric. Hip and gable-ended configurations are available to customize the system for the perfect fit for any job site. Aztec’s proprietary valance and tensioning systems keep the fabric uniformly tensioned and free of wrinkles without added complexity.

The Jumbotrac Lite Frame System extends the life of tent fabric and greatly improves installation efficiency. Most of Aztec’s existing traditional 2-inch West Coast-style frames can be converted to this new system simply by replacing rafters, intermediate and ridge fittings and base plates. Kedered uprights are also an option for those who wish to keep the side wall in place. For those who own Jumbotrac in larger widths, existing Jumbotrac walls can be used with the new Jumbotrac Lite Frame System. Jumbotrac Lite is available in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-foot widths, in both hip and gable-ended configurations with 10- and 15-foot extensions. Custom widths and lengths are also available.

Source: Aztec Tents

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