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Pacific Domes wins IAA award of excellence for tent manufacturing

Industry News, Project Briefs | June 1, 2008 | By:

When Santa needed to come to Plainview, Ind., Premier Properties hired Pacific Domes, Ashland, Ore., to give him a unique home. Most of Pacific Domes’ clients want and expect something unusual, says Mark Hanson, Pacific Domes’ operations supervisor.

Premier Properties decided on a layout of three vinyl domes of 60 feet, 44 feet and 36 feet. All three were designed to be either connected or independent. The domes have hoop-style doors that also allow for standard double doors to be installed.

One of the challenges Pacific Domes faced during installation was working in Indiana’s winter weather. The clear vinyl panels that were used for doors had large, curved surfaces. The winter cold made it difficult to lay the curved surfaces flat and not tear the delicate vinyl. In response, the install team set up several heaters and were extra cautious when handling the vinyl.

“Pacific Domes entered the International Achievement Awards contest because it is a great way to be out in front of people,” Hanson says. “It is a great marketing tool because our clients can see the award on our wall, and it also gives recognition to our employees.” Pacific Domes won the award of excellence for tent manufacturing.

Clients often demand complex projects, giving Pacific Domes a welcome challenge. “With the Metropolis Shopping Mall, we had the experience of doing something new,” Hanson says. “Thinking outside the box is just the beginning.”

Dionne Cordell is an editorial intern at IFAI.

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