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Carpas y Lonas wins three International Achievement Awards

Industry News, Project Briefs | June 1, 2008 | By:

Jurassic Park met the tent industry when a company built dinosaur robots and needed a tent large enough for its traveling musuem. That’s when Animatronix hired Carpas y Lonas el Carrousel S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, Mexico, to provide a traveling tent for Tyrannosaurus Rex and friends.

This tent’s tension system eliminated the need for quarter poles, and integrated perimetral wings served as a corridor to protect the public from sun and rain. Shades of blue on the outside of the tent contrasted with a bright blue interior. In the metallic cupola were 10 electrical fans to extract heat from the interior, helping to air-condition it. The tent was designed with the knowledge that it would have different future uses, and it was installed in only two days, optimizing its space for exhibition.

“In being part of the international market, it is important to show others what your company is capable of constructing,” says Hector Mendoza of Carpas y Lonas. The IAA award of excellence for tent manufacturing not only promotes Carpas y Lonas, Mendoza says, but also helps acquaint international clients with the company and its products.

Carpas y Lonas also won two outstanding achievement awards for tent manufacturing (see photos).

Dionne Cordell is an editorial intern at IFAI.

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