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Moroccan-themed event features triple-peaked tent

Project Briefs | June 1, 2008 | By:

Guests at a posh debutante ball party under three peaks.

When a family in Houston, Texas, was ready to throw a debutante ball for their daughter, they knew exactly who they wanted to hire to help put together a magical event: Ben Bourgeois. And when the clients decided on a tent and lavish décor, they called on Aztec Events & Tents of Houston. Aztec’s Todd Johnson says the clients decided on a Moroccan theme and set the event date for December 28.

“The client’s foremost concern was, of course, the guest of honor and making sure the night was filled with unforgettable memories,” says Paul Roberts, J. Ben Bourgeois Productions Inc., Los Angeles, Calif. “We were very fortunate as our client gave us a great deal of freedom to create something unique.”

The event design involved 60 tables of 10 in a triple-peaked dinner tent. Designers decked out tabletops with various centerpieces, using a rich palette of gold, red and splashes of blue to evoke the feeling of Morocco. Oversized light fixtures and silk ceiling draping gave the 50-by-166-foot tent a cozy atmosphere. Positioning the light fixtures within the tent’s peaks was tricky, Roberts says.

The team began load-in three weeks prior to the event, and keeping to the timeline was difficult during peak holiday season. “There were multiple factors involved in timing of the elements that had to come in sequence so production would continue smoothly,” Roberts says. “The holiday period actually had a large impact on labor and timing of deliveries.”

Working with Aztec Events & Tents allowed JBB Productions to give the clients everything they asked for. Roberts says Aztec is “an amazingly talented company that was able to take a concept and fully realize it.”

Most importantly, the clients were pleased with the outcome. “The event was a complete success,” says Johnson, “with the parents of the debutante praising all the hard work and effort that went into turning their backyard into a palace fit for their queen.”

Roberts says the event was amazing for everyone involved. “I think even the entire production team enjoyed the process.”

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