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The SEC Group updates keder bullet install kit

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The Drill-Right Fixture from The SEC Group allows 2-inch aluminum tube that has been purchased from different sources or cut down to their current size to be drilled for proper hole alignment with tent fittings. Using a drill press and any twin tube to create a bed for the tube being drilled, the fixture aligns both ends of the 2-inch tube, and allows for accurate, 3-inch indexing from the end of the tube and a perfectly vertical hole.

The SEC Group has updated its Maximizer Keder Bullet Install Kit, Keder Repair Kit, and Vinyl Repair Kit to be even more useful for maintenance projects or field repairs. The Keder Bullet Install Kit has everything you need to install keder bullets using a standard drill. Included are a steel drilling guide for either 11-millimeter (.43-inch) or 13-millimeter (.51-inch) keder, a drill bit, an allen wrench and 50 keder bullets.

The Keder Repair Kit includes everything you need to repair torn keder on slide-in tops. The kit includes a roll of keder wrapper, vinyl glue, a silicon roller, a keder bullet drilling guide with drill bit, and 50 keder bullets to help prevent future damage.

Perfect for field repairs, the Vinyl Repair Kit includes 2-inch and 4-inch adhesive patching circles, a roll of adhesive patch strip, vinyl glue, vinyl fabric, a vinyl drilling tool, sidewall hooks and powder.

For more information, contact The SEC Group.

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