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Röder wins TRD Award of Excellence

Industry News, Project Briefs | June 1, 2007 | By:

Around 1,800 journalists and Smart Car dealers came to Stuttgart, Germany in November 2006 to see Dr. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of DaimlerChrysler, unveil the newly designed Smart ForTwo. For the presentation, Röder Zelt-und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH, Büdingen, Germany, provided a 35-by-40-meter tent (115 by 131 feet) with a 4-meter-high (13-foot) glass façade. The glass enclosure and a clear top allowed visitors to view a brilliant fireworks display above the roofs of the surrounding buildings in the center of Stuttgart. The presentation lasted three evenings while visitors became acquainted with the tiny vehicle. Röder says the project racked up enormous logistical expenses, since all the parts had to be lifted via a special crane onto the 23-meter-high (75-foot-high) parking lot. Röder also had to conduct extensive talks with relevant regulatory bodies before providing special ballasting for the tent.

Attendees at the Tent Expo 2007 voted for their favorite projects in the Tent Rental Division Award of Excellence program, and Röder won the party tent manufacturing award for this project.

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