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Power up with LED lighting

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LED lighting drastically reduces the amount of power necessary to light up a tent, especially 20-by-20- or 20-by-30-foot structures. “Where power is not available at all, battery-operated LED units can provide much the same effect as wired units,” Doc Waldrup of Full Circle Lighting says.

Power requirements should be combined in order to properly evaluate the overall power necessary to run an event. Between lighting, catering, entertainment and climate control, the need can rise dramatically. “Often we discuss our needs with whoever is providing climate control as their needs are greater, and with a slight upgrade in capacity we utilize their service,” Waldrup says. “We always recommend a backup generator to guard against mechanical or other failures, especially when the entire event is powered by the same source. Most clients will not balk at the cost increase once they consider the consequences.”

Waldrup says that on the larger events, bringing in a temporary shore power tie-in or upgrading the existing electrical service is sometimes a cheaper way to go, especially if the client anticipates future events at the same site.

Based in Plymouth, Minn., Maura Keller frequently writes about applications of specialty fabrics.

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