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Helping clients understand their tent rental needs

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Clients always have preconceived notions about tents, and the faster you can help them understand the real ins and outs of tent rental, the better, says Bryan Loane, president of Loane Bros. Inc., Towson, Md. “Even people who have been inside tents haven’t really paid attention to them,” he says, adding that clients often don’t understand that they’ll probably need things like lighting, electricity and heat. Clients also often assume their tent will come with a floor.

“I tell people that if they’ve got a lawn on a firm, high spot with proper drainage, they won’t need a floor, and they’ll save a tremendous amount of money,” he says.

Mike Holland, vice president of Chattanooga Tent Co., Chattanooga, Tenn., says that less than 50 percent of his clients order a floor with their tent. However, many do want to use liners, despite the expense, to conceal all of the framing for a more elegant look.

“I always talk to clients about the type of wedding they want because a lot of people have very nice weddings with just a traditional frame or pole tent without using a liner,” he says.

Meleah Maynard is a Minneapolis, Minn.-based freelance writer and editor.

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