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CAD: A vendor’s perspective

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Not only is CAD useful to clients and crews, but it also helps tent rental companies work more smoothly with an event’s other vendors. AirPac Inc., a vendor of temporary and portable heating and cooling solutions based in Front Royal, Va., relies heavily on the 2-D or 3-D CAD drawings they receive from tent rental or event planning companies. “They’ll have all the tables, chairs, sound and lighting laid out, and it really helps us figure out where we can put our units,” says Marlin Spencer of AirPac. “We don’t have to wait till we get to the site and have someone say, ‘You have to move that somewhere else.’”

The drawings also help dictate what type of equipment to take to the jobsite. “Let’s say the event requires seven units, but four of them have to be extended,” Spencer says. “We know how much electric cable or refrigerant line sets to put on the truck.”

For an event in Florida for carmaker Audi, AirPac used CAD drawings that specified where they could and couldn’t place their split-system units, which provided both heating and cooling to the event. The layout also helped make communication easier between its Florida and Virginia operations.

Despite the assistance of a good CAD drawing, Spencer says it’s always a good idea to come prepared for changes. “Even with CAD drawings, people still change their minds.”

Holly O’Dell is a freelance writer based in Pine City, Minn.

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