It’s black and white: the colors of timeless design

April 1, 2012

Like an old photograph, a black-and-white color scheme transcends time. By Melissa Paul Designing the empty space of a white tent is a process of starting afresh, taking risks and giving shape to the imagination. Working within the constraints of the client’s budget and taste is expected, but when it comes to color, event designers …

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Event furniture for every style

Coming to a tent near you: event furniture with natural materials, modular designs, lighting, branding and more. By Danielle Beurteaux Every aspect of a tented event influences furniture choice: budget, theme, number of attendees, fashion and food trends, delivery logistics and cleaning requirements. Manufacturers have responded to event trends and rental company needs, providing choices …

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Event fabrics bring on the glamour

December 1, 2011

Fabric elements such as linens, swags and liners transform tents into events. By Holly O’Dell When it comes to creating the right look for a tented event, interior fabrics play an important role. Fabric liners, for instance, continue to be a popular choice for clients who want a refined look. “When people use a liner, …

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Dynamic tent decor for less

October 1, 2011

Pros share secrets for standout decor on a budget. By Meleah Maynard Money may not buy happiness, but it sure comes in handy when clients want stunning memory-making decor for a tented event. In today’s economic climate, though, increasing numbers of people are trying to get the look and feel they want on smaller budgets. …

Furniture collection

CORT Event Furnishings is now offering their Lounge22 powered by CORT collection in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. As a part of Lounge22, the Essex Collection reflects the sophistication of the entire Lounge22 collection, a sophisticated two-tone sofa and chair that create visual interest with a black ultra suede trim. The collection offers a fresh …

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Fabulous tablescapes

August 1, 2011

Make an extraordinary design statement with tabletops that promote aesthetics and function. By Holly O’Dell Tabletops for tented events serve two important purposes. Not only do they need to be functional for guests, they also should contribute to the event aesthetic. Done well, tablescapes contribute to the overall look under the tent while making a …

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Tents set the scene for culturally themed events

December 1, 2010

Tents play a leading role in culturally inspired parties and themed events. By Meleah Maynard People have been throwing parties in tents for thousands of years, and in some cultures, tents are central to ceremonies and events. So when event planners are asked to create events based on culturally inspired themes, the natural place to …

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Selecting event accessories

October 1, 2010

Dress up your customer’s event with clear vinyl panels, glass sidewalls and double doors. By Holly O’Dell Accessories such as doors, clear vinyl panels and glass sidewalls can take an event from ordinary to extraordinary. But when is it appropriate for a rental company to invest in these options? Consider the latest developments in these …

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The beauty of tent liners

August 1, 2010

Tent liners are an easy upsell when customers see the way they dress up a tent. By Meleah Maynard When it comes to tent liners, the photos sell them every time, says Gabriel Backlund, creative director for Bloomington, Minn.-based Ultimate Events. First-time tent renters such as many brides may have no idea what tent liners …

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Selecting and caring for chairs

By Jennifer Sellers When viewing a spectacular event’s decor, chairs and seating arrangements flow with other design elements to convey mood and tone to guests and participants. Whether the event is a wedding, a conference or a backyard party, the chair is one of the most pervasive design elements in a tent. After all, every …