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Tent and Event Trends for 2024

Industry News, News | January 3, 2024 | By:

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Recent event industry growth is being driven by weddings and a rebound from the pandemic. The excitement doesn’t seem to be slowing down heading into 2024.

In fact, the United States conference, concert, and event market is on track to reach $660.07 billion by the year 2030, a statistic that the reporting company,, calls “remarkable growth.” Tent manufacturer InTENTional Systems and their rental company clients share their insights into the top tent rental trends heading into 2024.

Black Tents – Black tents alongside tents with black anodized frames, and black accents, are all the rage right now, especially amongst wedding clients. “We’ve been buying everything black — even chairs, plates, and glasses —to meet the incredible demand,” says Katherine Lockridge, president of Classical Tents & Party Goods in the Berkshires.

More Color! – Steve Campbell, general manager of L & A Tents in Trenton New Jersey, says that the trend also extends to other colors. “Event planners are moving away from white tents,” he said.

Efficient Tent Setup – Tent rental companies love tents that save time and money. These savings can be passed on to clients who can get a more customized event for less. Carol Cundey, senior sales & marketing manager of InTENTional Systems, points to innovative forklifts, machinery and specialized attachments (like the TentOx), designed specifically for tent installation as being an exciting innovation in efficient event setup.

Women in Rental – “10 years ago, crews were made up of mostly men. Today, we’re seeing women on set up crews and in management. Having been in the industry as long as I have, it’s exciting to see,” said Cundey.

Clear Top Tents – When it comes to bringing nature into your event, clear top tents are still in high demand. According to Cundey, “We are still seeing demand for clear top tents — our distributors tell us that people love to bring the natural elements into their event.” Campbell said, “we get calls for clear top tents every day, but we do need to remind people that they are a seasonal option.” Clear top tents give event planners access to a magical aesthetic, especially at night when the heat of the day has passed and trees, lights, and starlight can be incorporated into the decor.

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