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2022 Reader’s Choice Awards

Awarding excellence and innovation in the event tent industry.

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What tent rental industry supplier always comes through when you need them? Which piece of equipment saves time and labor? And what services do you depend on to run your business? Keeping reading to find out. 

Best Frame Tent 

  1. Anchor Industries
  2. Fred’s Tents & Canopies
  3. Rainier Industries

Honorable Mention: 

Aztec Tents, Eureka! Tents, Fiesta Tents, Losberger De Boer, Olympic Tents, TopTec Products

Best Tent Fabric Supplier 

  1. Snyder Manufacturing
  2. Keder Solutions
  3. Serge Ferrari

Honorable Mention: 

DAF Products Inc., Herculite, Trivantage, Verseidag

Best Clearspan Manufacturer 

  1. Losberger De Boer 
  2. Fiesta Tents 
  3. Grandchamp Structure Design

Honorable Mention: 

Shelter Structures America

Best Flooring 

  1. Dura-Trac Flooring
  2. Bil-Jax
  3. Losberger De Boer

Honorable Mention: 

Groove Surfaces, Ikadan, SICO Inc., Signature Systems Group

Best Tent Heating  

  1. L.B. White Company
  2. Aggreko Event Services
  3. Cool-A-Zone

Honorable Mention: 

AirPac, Flagro USA Inc., Rite Choice Ducting

Best Custom Graphic Supplier 

  1. Anchor Industries 
  2. Fred’s Tents & Canopies
  3. Rainier Industries

Honorable Mention: 

Brandit Graphics Inc., Olympic Tents

Best Installation Equipment 

  1. TentOx
  2. B&R Innovations/Block and Roll
  3. Green Monster Manufacturing

Honorable Mention: 

Construction Accessories/JackJaw

Best Sailcloth Tent 

  1. Anchor Industries
  2. Fred’s Tents & Canopies
  3. Aztec Tents

Honorable Mention: 

Sperry Tents

Best Tent Washer/Cleaning/Repair 

  1. Teeco Solutions
  2. Shipp Cleaning Systems
  3. Charnecke Tents Inc. & CCC Washers Inc.

Best Tent Liner Supplier 

  1. Anchor Industries
  2. Baytex Liners of Rainier Industries Ltd. 
  3. Structure|LINERS

Honorable Mention: 

Economy Tent International, Losberger De Boer

Best Rental Furniture Supplier 

  1. Palmer Snyder 
  2. CORT Furniture
  3. Commercial Seating Products

Honorable Mention: 


Best Linen Supplier 

  1. Choice Party Linens 
  2. A1 Tablecloth Co.
  3. Jomar Table Linens 

Best Tension/Pole-Supported Tent Manufacturer 

  1. Anchor Industries
  2. Fred’s Tents & Canopies
  3. Aztec Tents

Honorable Mention: 

Celina Tent, Economy Tent International, Eureka! Tents, TopTec Products, WSSL Structures & Tents

Best Rental Software 

  1. Point of Rental Software
  2. Alert Rental Software; Party Track Rental Software
  3. Goodshuffle Pro

Best Customer Service 

  1. Anchor Industries
  2. Fred’s Tents & Canopies
  3. Rainier Industries

Honorable Mention: 

Aztec Tents, B&R Innovations/Block and Roll, Eureka! Tents, Fiesta Tents, Goodshuffle Pro, Grandchamp Structure Design, Losberger De Boer, Rainier Industries, Shelter Structures America

SIDEBAR: What our readers have to say

“We have received stellar quality and customer service from Losberger, TopTec, Rainier and Fred’s Tents. I think these companies also represent the leaders in new technology and innovation for the industry.”

Dan Hooks, Party Reflections Inc.

“I have been a customer of Alert since the late ‘70’s. Alert has ALWAYS been super responsive to my needs. Their Users’ Group presents software change requests to them and Alert responds by writing new software. They are the best!”

Timothy Maloney, Canton Chair Rental

Fiesta (Alex and Julie) do whatever they can to help me find solutions for my clients, and knowing they will take care of me helps me be confident I can take care of my client.”

Melynda Norman-Lee, J J L Events Inc.

“We have received excellent customer service from Block and Roll, they always go the extra mile and we feel they have a very long-term view when it comes to customer service and their products.”

Dwayne Ranson, All Occasions Party Rentals Inc. 

Grandchamp Structure Design has been a great company to deal with. The newest generation of Grandchamp family and young, ambitious sales staff have taken the company to the next level. Brother sister duo Nelson and Kathleen are kicking the competition to the curb on quality structure tents. A strong install and manufacturing team makes them a force to be reckoned with.”

Devin Morley, Muskoka Event Services

“Such a great industry for collaboration and community. We’re fortunate to work with so many tent providers.”

Tina Behnke, AirPac

Block and Roll does a great job of educating, servicing and innovating great products!”

Brandy Gilman, Canwil Textiles

“You get what you pay for. Purchasing a tent system is the easy part. The hard part is continuing to grow your inventory and offerings while complying with engineering requirements, training and innovation for the customer. Losberger has been an essential partner throughout our growth and continues to help us find ways to improve our business.”

Phil Heidt, CORT Party Rental

“American Rent All has done business with Anchor Industries for 36 years. Anchor has hands down been the most hands on in teaching us as a new company about their product. As we progressed and got into bigger setups, 40xpoles , 60xpoles, Venue Structure, they walked us through what it would take to make the move into the next size tent, and helped us know if it was the right time. When we did purchase, they were on site for our first setup, making sure we knew how to do a quality install. Anchor isn’t just about the sale. They make sure your company is ready and capable of setting the tent safely.”

Brad Huntley, American Rent All

Fred’s Tents and Canopies has the best sales support, follow up, and fulfilling the promises that they make of any company I have dealt with in my 18 years in this business.”

Tony Worley, The Bash! Party Rentals

“We’re so appreciative of all the companies driving innovation in the industry. Goodshuffle and TentOx in particular have helped propel our business in recent years.”

Joseph Sandone, Sandone Productions

Point of Rental’s help desk team go above and beyond to find solutions. It is a pleasure dealing with them.”

Andrew Zimbel, Higgins Event Rentals

Aztec has helped me grow my company and helped/guided me with many solutions.”

Ryan Malcolm, DAM Equipment And Rental

Anchor has always helped with our needs. If they were not able to get supplies that we needed, they’d give us a contact that would help our company. The customer service department is outstanding!”

William Higdon, M&H Tent Rentals

Rainier has proven time and time again they surpass industry standards as not only the leading tent supplier, but the leader in many other fields. Their customer service exceeds expectations, and I not only feel like a customer but part of the Rainier family.”

Kevin Lancto, Saratoga Tents

ETI offers the best service in the industry. Excellent at providing quotations, drawings, etc. Fast service and shipping of products.”

Michael Fitzwater, Special Events Entertainment Inc.

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