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An elevated wedding

Diamond Event & Tent installs a tent on a remote mountaintop.

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Salt Lake City, Utah-based Diamond Event & Tent installed a 40-by-100-foot keder frame tent at the top of Summit Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah, for a remote wedding in July. Photos courtesy of Nick Sidwell.

When it comes to a remote location for a wedding, nothing says seclusion like the top of a mountain. 

In 2018 Diamond Event & Tent, a full-service rental company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, was contacted by Silver Summit Event Design, a boutique event design firm in Utah, about a client who desired a private wedding in the mountains. The celebration was to take place in July at the top of Summit Powder Mountain, located in Eden, Utah. 

“The client loved the idea of the remoteness of the location as well as the mint and lavender vegetation that covered the mountain top,” says Duncan Brockbank, CERP, director of sales for Diamond Event & Tent. 

The location proved to be challenging for Diamond Event & Tent. The mountaintop was a seven-mile climb with an incline of over 1,100 feet. “We were miles away from our warehouse and any other source of materials or services,” says Brockbank, “so anything that was needed, such as chairs, staging, food service items and decor, had to be hauled up the mountainside.” Getting box trucks and stake bed trucks up and down the steep dirt road incline also proved daunting. “While going down the mountain, divers had to pull the trucks over every couple of miles to let the brakes cool down.”

Diamond Event & Tent installed a 40-by-100-foot keder frame tent with clear tops and walls. This style of tent was chosen because it offered protection from possible inclement weather without detracting from the view of the surrounding landscape. The company also installed a 20-by-20-foot show tent for back-of-house service as well as bistro lighting and custom wood flooring. Overall, the installation process took roughly 10 hours to complete and required a crew of five installers as well as additional crew members and drivers.  

While the event required a lot of strategic coordination among the parties and subcontractors involved, Brockbank says the client was overjoyed with the tent and decor as well as the festive and romantic environment that was created.  

SIDEBAR: By the numbers

40-by-100-foot keder frame tent

20-by-20 show tent

Seven-mile mountain ascent

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