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Building character

Editorial | August 1, 2020 | By:

The secret is in the challenge.

I once heard a local Minnesota meteorologist refer to -10°F January temperatures as being “character-building.” Since that time, I have on numerous occasions found myself using the phrase “character-building” when faced with challenges and less than ideal situations: character-building traffic, a character-building flat tire, the character-building year of 2020.

The August/September issue of InTents highlights how the tent and event rental industry tackles challenges head-on. Rental companies have pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic to offer clients creative solutions to challenging situations and enhanced safety practices for cleaning fabrics. Tent professionals have also stepped up to help expand medical facilities in cities where surges of COVID-19 have been anticipated. “Medical facility expansions” provides an in-depth look at how tenting is supporting state and federal efforts to battle the virus. 

Learn what it takes to combat temperamental weather, battle large crowds and keep difficult clients satisfied in our feature on tough installations. And, if the challenges of ballasting are weighing you down (pun intended), read up on tips and tricks from industry experts. 

The tent rental industry is sponsoring a nationwide “CARES” day on Aug. 29, 2020, to honor frontline medical workers who have supported the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to inspire numerous outdoor events nationwide and show that utilizing tents and other rental equipment is a safe way for people to gather. “Tent rental industry CARES Day” provides details on how to participate. 

While the summer months of 2020 have proven to be anything but ordinary for tent and event rental companies across the globe, this issue of InTents captures the industry’s willingness and determination to adjust, adapt and grow. Whatever obstacles or difficult situations your company may face now or in the future, remember to check in with your local meteorologist—it’s likely that your forecast calls for character-building resilience.

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