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Eureka! offers guide to help rental companies get back to business

COVID-19, Industry News | May 4, 2020 | By:

As the demand for COVID-19 emergency testing sites and drive-thrus winds down, tent rental companies are exploring how they might recover lost revenue during the “bridge period” as the economy slowly reopens. Tent manufacturer Eureka! Tents, Binghamton, N.Y., has created a guide that rental companies can use to promote their services.  

“A Practical Guide to Tents and Shelters” offers suggestions for how restaurants, grocery stores, realtors, and other businesses can use tent and rental items to help them reopen while maintaining social distancing, keeping employees and customers safe.

The guide can be especially helpful to smaller event rental companies that have laid off their staff and don’t have the resources to put something like this together themselves, says Carol Cundey, CERP, Eureka! marketing and customer services manager. The free guide is available as a PDF, and rental companies can personalize it with their contact information.

“It’s not going to help anybody get back to 100 percent; we know that,” Cundey says. “But our industry is a hard-working industry. Having tent people sitting at home doing nothing is horrible. This can help them get out and go sell themselves in their local community. You don’t have to be a huge company with tons and tons of tents. You can be a small company with a couple of canopies and some tables and chairs, and you can go rent that to a local business that has to expand their break room for their employees to meet social distancing guidelines.”

Eureka is also sending the guide to chambers of commerce and business development agencies across the United States to share the message that as businesses in their localities reopen, rental can help them. The guide includes a safety message for businesses that might be tempted to throw up a cheap pop-up tent and not anchor it properly.

“We’re pushing that if you go to your local rental company, they’ll have the equipment and the trained professional installers who will do it right,” Cundey says. “We’ve pushed so long and so hard to bring safety to the forefront of the tent industry, and we should not let that slide just because we’re in a pandemic.”  

For more, contact any Eureka team member or call 800-235-2607.

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