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Custom tenting installation at Pebble Beach

October 1st, 2017 / By: / Showcase

Glass walls provided for panoramic views of the third fairway. Photos courtesy of Chic Event Rentals.

A custom tenting installation at Pebble Beach Resorts provides a corporate client with just the right venue for its product launch.

At the Lodge at Pebble Beach, Pebble Beach, Calif., Chic Event Rentals is accustomed to making event expectations a reality. The Monterey, Calif.-based company is the preferred tent vendor of Pebble Beach Resorts and often provides tenting for weddings on the scenic course that overlooks the Pacific coast. For this event in June 2017 on the third fairway, the company was called on to provide tenting for a corporate client who needed a posh structure to show its investors a product launch.

“We work for Pebble Beach Resorts on an ongoing basis,” says Anthony Karabetyan, president of Chic Event Rentals. “The tents for this event needed to be top notch.”

Chic Event Rentals provided a main event tent—a Losberger uniflex 20-by-30-meter structure that included glass and hard walls, a tent liner, Porto braces, custom hardwood floors and carpeting, custom break-out rooms for product demonstrations, and a large raised deck inside for dinner and events. The company also provided storage and kitchen structures with two Aztec 20-by-20-foot Festival® tents, and two Jumbotrac® tents—one 30-by-50-foot and one 40-by-60-foot.

The crew installed the main tent atop of a Staging Concepts flooring system using SC90 platforms, elevated approximately 30 inches on one end. On top of the flooring, the Chic crew installed hardwood floor on one portion and carpet on another. “We did all the work ourselves,” Karabetyan says. “We also made custom stairs, ramps and railing.”

For a project launch at the Lodge at Pebble Beach, approximately 450
guests gathered inside and out of a Losberger structure installed by
Chic Event Rentals.
A lesson from Mother

The crew was given four days to set up the tents, flooring and liner, with an additional four days to finish AV, kitchen and storage tents, decor-related items, trim work, railing, ramps, stairs and more. “Thankfully there were no major challenges with the location,” Karabetyan says. “Parking was close and there was quite a bit of open space. We were also able to drop off equipment the day before installation began, which helped a lot.”

Installation proceeded smoothly and was close to complete when, unfortunately, Mother Nature wielded a logistical blow. While wind, rain and lightning can produce installation and event challenges, fog is also a serious concern for installations near large bodies of water such as this one—which was exactly the challenge Mother Nature had in mind for the crew.

On the day before the event, a heavy fog rolled in, resulting in water seeping under the hard walls and onto the carpet. The following day—the day of the event—the crew scrambled to rip out the wet portions of the carpet and replace it. “This could have been avoided if we had installed some plastic under the carpet and ran it up the wall a few inches on that side of the tent,” Karabetyan says. “Lesson learned.”

Inside the 20-by-30-meter structure,
Chic Event Rentals installed three custom break-out rooms for product demonstrations. Photo courtesy of Chic Event Rentals.

Thankfully Chic had included an extra day in its installation timeline, which the crew needed to finish last minute details, changes and to replace carpet. “However, in retrospect we would have asked for an extra two days for setup,” Karabetyan says.

“This was probably the hardest and most time-consuming project we have ever done,” he says. “What made it very difficult were all the custom pieces, such as the railing, hardwood flooring and custom breakout rooms. Though it was a profitable job, with all the custom work and man hours, it should have been more profitable. In the future, we will price custom work differently.”

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