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One tent features three themes

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Because of trees in the beachside parking lot, the tent for the three-night event needed to be 98 feet tall.
Photo by Sage Justice.

Elite Productions International has long produced a two-night, two-themed event under one tent for an annual financial conference, requiring master planning and a quick switch out of themes between nights. But in 2017, the event design and production company took on a new challenge, with three event themes over the course of three nights, all under the same tent.

The three themes—Fast & Furious, Mad House Circus and College House Party—were based on each night’s headlining entertainment, requiring the production team to set up, execute an event, reset and set up again in less than 12 hours.
Working around trees and parking meters, Avalon Tent and Party, Anaheim, Calif., installed the 25,000-square-foot tent in a popular beachside parking lot. The team opted for black paneling rather than white, creating a sleek and chic atmosphere. A tent extension with clear paneling at the entrance created the illusion of being outdoors while still offering protection from the elements.

More than 100 vendors contributed to the event, with different decor, talent and floor plans each night. Shimmering Mylar® draping created a “street racing” atmosphere for the Fast & Furious evening, while on the Mad House Circus evening, oversized circus props were brought in. Roaming talent, dancers and model servers were costumed each night, and food trucks, gaming activities and photo ops were curated to each theme as well.

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