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Ultimate Events brings Southern hospitality to a corporate event

August 1st, 2016 / By: / News

Leadership reception

A corporate client of Ultimate Events needed the benefits and protection offered by a clearspan structure for an executive and team-building event at its headquarters in St. Paul, Minn. But the client wasn’t thrilled with the look of the structure itself. The challenge for Ultimate Events, Plymouth, Minn., was to create an event space that felt upscale, but not like a wedding. In addition, the installation itself was tricky. The 20-by-20-meter structure was installed over a plaza on top of an underground parking structure with strict weight restrictions. All equipment was off-loaded at a designated site and hauled in piece by piece. Finally, the surface of the plaza had a unique coating that required care while heavy machinery was in use to avoid damaging the surface.

Welcoming patio

The client requested a Southern hospitality design scheme—“Simple, beautiful and elegant,” says Tim Smith of Ultimate Events. “We added some bells and whistles to enhance the design elements such as the clear gables, a 5-meter bay ‘patio’ extension and a 6-meter Losberger apse-end entrance vestibule. These added features helped to create the interest and functionality the client was after.” Adirondack chairs and wine barrels that served as cocktail tables welcomed guests to the patio. “Wine barrels have been a very popular alternative to the traditional cocktail table and for general decor elements as well,” Smith says.

Rustic walls

Wood pallets were sandwiched together and strategically placed along the tent walls to contribute to the rustic design. A crystal chandelier served as the focal point of the interior, with Lycra® stretch shapes installed on the ceiling to mimic the look of the newly redesigned guest entrance and lobby of the corporate headquarters. An eclectic mix of white, black and brown upholstered seating helped to create a sense of both coziness and luxury. A Wenger Strata® flooring system and floor coverings from Mainline Carpet completed the design underfoot. “The crystal chandelier and the exterior covered ‘porch,’ complete with picket fencing, nailed it for the client,” Smith says.

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