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Premier Product Showcase

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The products you need for events that deliver.

The companies in this section submitted product information by the specified deadline. This section is organized in two product categories: tents, structures and fabric; and tools and equipment. InTents features a regular New Products section in each issue. To have your new products included, please direct your product information to Sigrid A. Tornquist, by email at, by fax at +1 651 225 6966 or by mail at 1801 County Rd. B West, Roseville, MN 55113, USA. Digital photos submitted by email must be high-resolution (at least 300 dpi at four by five inches).

Companies exhibiting at IFAI Tent Expo 2015 say “See you in Orlando!”

Tent, Structures & Fabric

Strong and elegant tent

Anchor’s F3 frame tent is a hybrid frame with benefits that include simplicity, flexibility, elegance, quality and value. It offers easier installation using round extrusions with recessed keder tracks and easy connections, has 65 percent fewer parts than comparable frames and has unique, push-stop button connections. Engineered for 50+ mph winds, the all-aluminum frame has no cables
or braces.
Anchor Industries Inc.

Reduced setup time

Constructed from materials made in the U.S., Allstate Tent frame and cable tents have fewer framing pieces to carry than a traditional tent, and setup time is reduced because of fewer poles and fittings. Tents are available in standard white and other custom colors, 10 to 20 feet widths and up to 40 feet long.
Allstate Tent

Easy-to-install sidewalls

An innovative way of handling tent sidewalls, the Slidewall Trac® Systems comes in 10-foot and 15-foot lengths. The system allows the sidewall to be opened or closed in seconds by sliding it to either side. When open, the sidewall can be held in place to the tent leg with an adjustable webbed tieback.
Economy Tent International

Sturdy and graceful

Top Tec’s new Nantucket series offers a 10-ounce, waterproof translucent fabric that withstands sun, rain and wind. Designed with 10-foot leg spacing on every size tent, it ensures a sturdy structure and consistent setup procedures. Available in 32- and 45-foot-wide expandable options, the Nantucket features sculpted peaks and eaves to enhance its open-air feeling.

TopTec Event Tents

Engineered for
code requirements

Specifically designed to add profits and reduce operating costs for party rental stores by reducing the number of parts needed, Olympic tents are engineered to meet or exceed structural and local code requirements. The Olympic Tent system saves installation hours as well as hours spent teaching the system to new installers.

Olympic Tent

Lightweight pop-up tent

Measuring less than 5 feet when closed and weighing less than 50 pounds, the V3 pop-up tent is lightest in its category. The Vitabri® by Ins’TenT V3 includes riveted stainless steel, truss connectors, heavy-duty fiberglass fittings and oversized metal footplates for stability. Available in two shapes—rectangular and square—the tent comes in 10-by-10-, 10-by-15- and 10-by-20-foot sizes, in heavy-duty vinyl or 600-denier polyester.

Ins’Tent Industries

Air diffuser systems

Custom-made fabric diffuser systems from Air Distribution Concepts for heating, air conditioning, evaporative cooling, ventilation, dehumidification and makeup air can be used in permanent installations and tents. Good for the environment, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing, these systems are manufactured in the U.S.

Air Distribution Concepts

Reinforced vinyl

Bruin’s reinforced vinyl laminated tent fabrics feature a smooth, polished embossing, which offers a high gloss and cleanable surface. They are available in both blackout and nonblackout and are
also available in flame-retardant

Bruin Plastics Co. Inc.

Retro tent design

Aztec Tents’ Tidewater™ features a retro design and strength inspired by the sea. Tidewater Sailcloth Tents are crafted of ProSail proprietary sailcloth material. With its sculpted peaks and eaves in translucent sailcloth, the series is available in one piece and sectional sizes with a fully engineered lineup to further expand possibilities.

Aztec Tents

Quick-adjust center pole

A new quick-adjust center pole for marquee tents from Special Event Sales features a secure ratcheting mechanism to ensure correct tensioning of roof fabric. Length can be quickly adjusted to reduce setup time without the need to remove the center pole.

Special Event Sales

Liners that fit

Beautifully crafted liners from Baytex conceal the structural components of tents or other interior spaces to redefine the event environment. Designed using the latest in advanced 3-D CAD and computer technology, these liners are fabricated to fit and hang perfectly in nearly any frame, structure or building.

Rainier Industries

Flexible, durable fabric

Verseidag’s duraskin® structural materials are designed for architectural construction engineering. Advantages include high tensile and tear strength; high seam strength due to adhesion qualities between PVC and PES; low mass per unit area; and flexibility, durability and weather resistance. Verseidag offers various types of duraskin, based on fabric woven in polyamide, polyester and glass fiber coated with PVC or PTFE. Both coatings are available in a variety of colors.

Verseidag US Inc.

Air-supported innovation

A 52-by-92-foot all-fabric tent by Pvilion is supported by high-pressure airbeams. Both its structural supports and skin are made of fabric. The structural supports are constructed of fabric tubes, pressurized with air, so there are no aluminum frames or poles. The resulting lighter-weight structure packs up smaller and saves installation time.


Insulated tent platform

The multi-purpose insulated iPanel® floor platform is designed for military tents and shelters. The platform is lighter weight, has an increased R-value and is quicker to set up than wooden platforms. It integrates 2-inch-thick decking and is rated at R-14 (vs. R-.094 for wooden platforms). Set-up time is 1.5 hours with three people, a 30 percent improvement over wooden platform setup time.

Outdoor Venture Corp.

Tools & Equipment

Labor-saving welding

Miller Weldmaster’s T600 Extreme Shelter increases production and decreases labor for tent manufacturers. The larger throat capacity can accept fabrics up to 2 meters (79 inches) wide without folding. Its long arm with inboard and outboard fabric pullers allows for easier fabric handling, and its hot air and hot wedge rotary heat seaming systems enable panel seaming and quick finishing of product edges. The unit features welding speeds of up to 30 meters per minute.

Miller Weldmaster

Measure the power of stakes

JackJaw® models JJ0313 and JJ0513 tent stake pullers with electronic readouts are designed and manufactured to allow tent rental companies to directly measure the holding force of stakes. The models directly measure the pulling force required to pull the stake and record the peak force on the digital readout.

Construction Accessories Inc.

Labor-saving canvas installation

SKP’s Tentmaster makes installing canvas covers simpler. At the push of a button, two employees can pull in tarpaulins automatically, reducing labor costs.


Keeping track of tarp details

The SKP Ident system allows companies to label tarpaulins for specific information, such as the age, length and width of a tarpaulin, how often it has been cleaned and other rental information. The small chips can either be shrink-wrapped in a pocket or attached to the tarpaulin with a rivet.


Grommeting technology

Eagle machines from Adfast cut holes and set grommets in one operation, saving time and money. The company’s top quality brass and stainless steel grommeting machinery is available with hand-fed to dual-feed fully automatic functions.

Adfast Corp.

CAD for fabrics design

A general purpose CAD program for fabrics design, TouchCAD allows operators to design highly complex 3-D shapes for fabrication. The program covers basic concept sketching, presentation animations, bill of materials calculations in the integrated database spreadsheet, assembly instructions and ready-to-cut nested cut files complete with seam allowances, alignment marks and panel numbering. The program also features the ability to apply super high-resolution 2-D graphics onto almost any 3-D shape and convert it into something ready to print.

Lundström Design

RF welding

A traveling RF welding machine from Forsstrom manufactures PVC/PU products such as tents with long, straight welds. The machine moves quickly and efficiently along the table, is available in any length and can easily be extended due to its modular construction.

Forsstrom High Frequency AB

Lighting clamps

These tent lighting clamps feature a universal fit for beams 38mm to 120mm, enabling the tent renter to have one clamp for many different tent sizes and brands. Trac Clamp “S” and Track Clamp “T” both offer a universal solution for hanging lights and other items in tents with keder track, with S rated for 50 pounds and T rated for 150 pounds. Trac Clamp “R” is used for rigging in tents with keder track and is rated for 300 pounds.

B&R Innovations LLC

Ballast moving made easy

The Block and Roll Mover Off Road Edition provides easy moving of up to 700 pounds of tent ballast cement blocks on grass and uneven surfaces. Made with structural aluminum and featuring four heavy-duty foam-filled all-terrain wheels and two foam-filled 6-inch wheels, the design allows three different size blocks to be moved on grass with minimal resistance.

B&R Innovations LLC

CT 3-D scanner

Rx Solution’s DeskTom system is designed to address the market for 3-D dimensional metrology and non-destructive testing solutions. CT scanning for 3-D industrial measurement, inspection and modeling enables previously inaccessible internal geometries of an object to be inspected—without its destruction. With power up to 150kV and a working envelope of 230 by 250 mm, the DeskTom can be used with plastics, elastomers and metallic parts.

Laser Design Inc.

Gator hangers

Gator Hangers® are now available from Made in America LLC. These plastic components are used to hang sidewalls, curtains, awnings and banners, and are available with rivets or screws. The hangers come in five styles and easily slide into rails or structure frames.

Made in America LLC

Portable grommeting

The MP-10 pneumatic grommeting machine from CARR North America weighs less than 30 pounds and is mounted on a durable polyethylene base. It provides quick die changeover for use with multiple grommet sizes and has a two-year warranty. For setting grommet sizes up to stainless steel #4 or brass #5, the machine does not need precut holes or self-piercing grommets.

CARR North America LLC

Biodegradable cleaning

Zap mold, mildew, dirt, algae, leaf stain, tree sap and bird droppings from virtually every washable surface with Iosso® Mold and Mildew Stain Remover. Solution can be applied to soiled areas to quickly remove stains from fabric, canvas, coated fabrics, vinyl, plastic, carpeting, wood, fiberglass, painted surfaces, rubber, tile and concrete. This gentle concentrated formula is safe on fabrics and colors, is nonchlorine and is biodegradable, and there are no offensive odors. Available in several professional sizes.

Iosso Products Inc.

One-step cleaning

IMAR Countryview™ Clear Vinyl Clean & Protect uses advanced nanotechnology that molecularly bonds with the surface of clear vinyl to create a protective coating. The cleaner offers a one-step spray-and-wipe process that is easy to use and safe enough to use daily.


Flat panel washers and dryers

Teeco’s flat panel washers offer one-of-a-kind continuous feeding style for ultra-high production or, for a more economical approach, batch-style processing. The flat panel dryers dry flat pieces quickly and continuously with powerful, high-efficiency fans and use low drying temperatures to protect the material.

Teeco Solutions

Grommet hand press

The new alignment fixture for the ClipsShop CSTEP-2 hand grommet bench press features a smooth, roller bearing slide for spacing grommets. Designed for heavy-duty use where automated equipment isn’t required but speed and accuracy are, the hand press provides a force-advantaged lever with a foam handle and adjustable stop. The GrommetSniper™ Alignment Fixture is a rigid fence that lets users uniformly locate the distance between grommets from 2 to 4 inches to center and application depth from 3 inches to center.

Half-size rack covers

Unlike a full-size bakery rack, half-size racks stand at 38 inches high, allowing them to fit underneath 42-inch-high counters. The new SUPRO-14-EC-1/2 fits over half-size racks, separating contents from adverse environmental factors and helping prevent food spoilage. The cover is constructed from clear, .010-inch-thick, phthalate-free, tin-free, lead-free and metal-free PVC.


Improved web wrench

Green Monster Manufacturing’s 1-1/8-inch web wrench now has a deeper socket. With a tapered end to release ratchets and a long handle for leverage, this reversible wrench is appropriate for use on webs and structures.

Green Monster Manufacturing Inc.

6,200 pounds of pull power

The Green Monster Manufacturing Series LS1200 stake puller pulls all brands of stakes, including stakes in bars, from all types of surfaces (blacktop, grass and hardpan). With a compact design, safety shut off, flat-free tires, a 2-inch hydraulic piston and a Honda 5.5 HP engine, the unit delivers 6,200 pounds of pull power.

Green Monster Manufacturing Inc.

Inventory tracking

CLOUD by Point-of-Rental™ Systems Inc. is a cloud-based product for inventory tracking needs. Available by monthly subscription and accessible from any Internet-capable device, the software offers both standard and optional features, including credit card processing, inventory management, accounting, the ability to rent from one location and return inventory to another and an online reservation system that allows customers to reserve items and pay online.

Point-of-Rental Systems Inc.

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