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Tents as office space

Industry News, Project Briefs | October 1, 2013 | By:

Choura Events supplies high-end solution for temporary auto dealership offices.

Tents are a familiar sight on car dealership lots—just the appearance of white peaks communicates “sale” to potential customers. But when Toyota of San Diego needed a temporary sales office during a reconstruction, the company asked Choura Events of Torrance, Calif., for a solution that would portray a more sophisticated, professional impression to customers.

“A tent or structure is a great short-term solution to keeping up a brand’s appearance during periods of construction or renovation instead of a mobile trailer that might not feel as open or welcoming,” says Howard Tabackman of Choura Events. “Especially when purchasing a car or asking a customer to invest in your business or product, it’s important to look professional to provide the expected level of customer service and quality.”

Choura Events installed a 40-by-60-foot Jumbotrac™ tent from Aztec Tents with kedered French window walls and glass doors for the entrance. In addition, Choura provided a raised subfloor with carpet, lighting and custom ducted air condition units in conjunction with a contractor.

Exterior banners branded the entrance, although additional branding was unnecessary because the dealership’s permanent branding remained visible during construction.

The structure will be in use for at least six months, so additional permits and wet-stamp engineering were required for the extended use. In the end, the tent was the perfect professional solution for office space.

“Because the interior space of tents is so open and versatile, it allows for really any configuration of offices, cubicles, seating areas or setups,” Tabackman says.

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