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TMI introduces the 6000 Series roll-up door

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Reducing exposure time between differing environments provides less opportunity for unwanted insects, birds, dust and other particles to infiltrate a facility. With that in mind, TMI LLC, Pittsburg, Pa., has introduced the 6000 Series roll-up door and screen line.

TMI’s line of Screen-Pro®, Vinyl-Pro and Bird-Pro roll-up screens, doors and barriers now includes the 6000 Series. The 6000 Series features a higher speed external jackshaft motor that moves doors at a speed of 36 inches per second. Prior to the 6000 Series, the fastest TMI roll-up doors moved at 24 inches per second.

“We’re focusing on fully encompassing our customers’ needs by responding to a request that we couldn’t serve in the past,” says TMI developer Chris Jacobs. “The increased speed allows for a wider variety of door and screen applications, including in areas where the expense of a high-speed door can’t be justified.”

TMI’s roll-up line of doors and screens separate differing environments within and around a facility while also helping facilities meet AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection.

Source: TMI, LLC

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