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Green event installation for event pros wins award

Industry News, Project Briefs | February 8, 2013 | By:

A multiple-structure installation, including two-story tents and a solar tent demonstration, by ROEDER Zelt-und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH won an Award of Excellence in corporate tent rental for the 2012 International Achievement Awards (IAA).

The installation was provided for INNOSCENE11– EVENT FOR EVENTS. The goal of this event was to motivate an audience of international experts to discover resource-saving event solutions. Held in Offenbach near Frankfurt, Germany, the event hosted more than 2,000 visitors and presented informative sessions on innovative event products and event services, demonstrating how traditionally climate-killing events can be turned into sustainable events.

ROEDER Zelt-und Veranstaltungsservice erected 20,000 square meters of tents, halls and structures, including two- story structures. In the spacious lounge in the center of the day tent, guests, exhibitors and event organizers exchanged ideas and networked with business contacts. The facade cover carried the brand message of INNOSCENE on the 600-square-meter sidewall of the SOLUTION evening tent, where guests were served meals.

Using solar tents, power is generated directly on the tent itself with a solar tent tarpaulin covering. This is both innovative and environmentally-friendly, because photovoltaic cells provide events with renewable energy, and the large roof surfaces of a tent are perfectly suited for the deployment of solar cells. ROEDER Zelt-und Veranstaltungsservice is developing special tent tarpaulin coverings with extremely flexible integrated solar modules. This means that the solar modules do not have to be time- and cost-intensively fixed to the roofs and are not simply loosely laid on the roof either. In the future, converting sunlight into electricity could provide part of the energy requirements for events.

To demonstrate the energy savings, two comparable 100-square-meter tents were set up at the event, one conventional tent and one insulated. Insulated thermal cushion roofs and walls insulate the temporary structures so effectively that the energy consumption of heating and air-conditioning systems was reduced by 50 percent, according to ROEDER Zelt-und Veranstaltungsservice.

The IAA is a program of the Industrial Fabrics Association International.

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