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Catering company serves up a double-decker structure

Project Briefs | August 1, 2010 | By:

Jerry Lundergan, chairman of the Lundergan Group, thinks big when it comes to event management. The Lundergan Group, Lexington, Ky., recently commissioned a huge event double-decker structure, the Arcum Emporium, which travels in 11 40-foot containers on ten 53-foot semis.

The Arcum Emporium provides 6,000- to 24,000-square-feet of floor space, two floors, spiral staircases, balconies and integrated lighting. The outside walls can be paneled glass fit into structural aluminum tubing or hard panel walls or soft vinyl panels, or a mix of glass and other panels. Lundergan’s daughters, Abby Dobson and Alissa Tibe, spent nearly a year working on the design with the U.S. office of Germany-based Losberger GmbH, Frederick, Md.

“It’s a show-stopper,” says Lundergan, who had scheduled the Arcum Emporium for a Las Vegas trade exhibition in June. The Lundergan Group performed a test set-up in Lexington, using a team of 12 workers and 12 to 14 days for set-up.

In December, the Lundergan Group acquired Signature Special Event Services, a company that rents mobile kitchens, power generators, HVAC units, portable showers, latrines and lighting, giving the company the ability to set up the whole event infrastructure. Lundy’s Catering, a Lundergan division with a national presence, will own the Arcum Emporium. Another Lundergan entity, Emergency Disaster Services, provides housing for those displaced by a critical incident, so the temporary shelter business will be able to use the Arcum Emporium for everything from entertaining to emergencies.

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