Expanded distribution for interactive flooring system

March 25, 2010

The Aqua Liquid Fusion system features 64 40-inch square tiles filled with gel that moves as guests walk across the surface. Holo-Walls and Total Entertainment will distribute the flooring, which covers a 28 by 28-foot-area, in New England, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

SEARCH Foundation launches new website

March 18, 2010

The SEARCH Foundation launched a new, interactive website at www.searchfoundation.org. The site, designed in response to feedback from fund recipients and donors, features a photo gallery, online donation forms and a short film about the organization.

New rental industry blog

March 4, 2010

Fred Hageman and Gary Stansberry of Hageman, Stansberry & Associates (HS&A) launched a new blog specific to the rental industry. The blog is titled “The Rental Advisor” and will be updated every Monday.