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Camelot Party Rentals holds to high standards and customer service

Industry News | December 1, 2009 | By:

Camelot Party Rentals began as a small party equipment renter with a few tiny tents. But along with the northern Nevada population, the company—and its tent inventory—has boomed.

In 2007, a group of employees purchased Camelot from its retiring owner. With tenting now at the forefront, Camelot is led by president Ken Stebbins, general manager Douglas Barrera and other partners.

“Since the ownership change there has been a real commitment to becoming a more professional organization, which has included better definition of responsibilities and further pushing quality, reliability and safety issues, which ultimately has provided a better rental experience for our customers,” says director of organizational development Joe Del Grosso.

Camelot places particular emphases on environmental sustainability (“Camelot Green”), keeping its website current, and becoming a stakeholder in community events.

“We really think our ‘brand awareness’ efforts are still just beginning, but we have definitely seen an improvement this last year, with people better knowing who we are and what we do,” Del Grosso says.

Tent installation in the Reno region means dealing with a little bit of everything—from desert landscapes to mountainous forests; from snow to 100-plus degree heat.

“Working at Lake Tahoe gives us a chance to do some unique, high-end type jobs in some very beautiful locations while working with a full spectrum of personalities, but our primary market is serving a still smallish community in Reno-Sparks where everyone still knows everyone else,” Del Grosso says.

Among the company’s eclectic portfolio is the annual Reno Rodeo. In 2009, Camelot provided VIP food tenting for 500-600 people a night for 10 nights; however, the company initially passed on a long-term contract, preferring to prove its worth before entering into a longer commitment. “The event worked out better than everyone involved had hoped for and we are excited about being the official tent sponsor for the Reno Rodeo for many years to come,” Del Grosso says.

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