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Sidewall extension accommodates dance party

Project Briefs | June 1, 2009 | By:

To get the party started, this client chose a clearspan tent.

The familiar quote suggests that we dance like no one is watching. This is easier to achieve when trees aren’t on the dance floor—and this 100th anniversary party for a private country club in St. Louis, Mo., with multiple connecting canopies, was intended for dance. The client requested enough room to accommodate 600 people, a 12-piece band and a dance floor—as an extension of the clubhouse. Traube Tent Co. of Columbia, Ill., accomplished the extension by installing an approximately 164-foot clear sidewall along the north side of the tent with a carpeted 40-by-164-foot floor. A 12-by-32-foot stage, 8 inches high, was installed with carpet and skirting.

Several large tree limbs, small trees and shrubs had to be removed to accommodate the structure. The company also needed to work around a large concrete pillar and numerous handrails during installation.

Limited access to the site prohibited the use of heavy machinery that would typically be used for a complex installation such as this. One section was constructed in the air due to the four sets of handrails preventing normal installation. Installers were staged at the top of the upright at 11 feet and another installer was suspended at 20 feet. The frame was constructed and then lowered into place and secured.

Thanks to creative engineering, the structure was erected safely and on schedule in seven days. The company installed five connecting canopies—more than 100 feet—with custom gutters to form walkways. Traube also installed more than 200 feet of sidewall to enclose connectors.

The client had an option between a frame tent and a clearspan tent but decided on clearspan because of the structure’s stability and its ability to hold a large number of people.

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