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Branding leads to profit

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Event professionals who know successful branding understand that they must think of every possible way to project their client’s image during an event. The same is true with wedding clients who want their particular “look” on display during every moment of the wedding experience. An excellent way to meet these expectations is to offer custom projection, popular among brides and executives alike.

“In this economy, everybody wants to get brand recognition,” says Rick Madeja, project manager for Partytime Productions, Addison, Ill. Partytime works with a lighting vendor for custom projection requests. Madeja says his company has several standard gobos on hand — offering patterns such as leaves or snowflakes — or clients can opt for a custom gobo, one they can keep for future events.

“You do get a lot of bang for your buck if you do custom logos,” Madeja says. “If the corporation has custom colors in its logo, we can match those colors very closely. We can make the logo look exactly the way it looks in all their literature and on their sign.”

“Currently, the most requested effect is a simple breakup pattern projected on the entire tent ceiling,” says Bob Moisan, Intelligent Lighting Creations, Arlington Heights, Ill. “This adds a huge amount of interest to the ceiling. Instead of being a blank white surface, the ceiling is now colored appropriately and textured with patterns or a corporate gobo.”

Moisan says that his company still uses static conventional lights, but his team can also offer intelligent lighting fixtures. “These fixtures allow the changing of colors and patterns throughout the event, making the ceiling a much more dynamic part of the lighting production,” he says.

“A newer technology is digital lighting fixtures,” Moisan adds. “These are actually moving head lights that have video projectors inside. This allows us to project images ranging from basic breakup patterns to video clips.”

Regardless of the type of projection, it seems that the type of tent makes a big difference. Madeja says he particularly likes the look of a nice, clean image projected on the inside of a gable end in a clearspan tent. “It truly is a screen,” he says.

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