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Rollers replace hooks on tent sidewall

Products | April 1, 2008 | By:

The Roller Sidewall, available from Olympic Tent and The SEC Group, replaces hooks on tent sidewall, elevating fabric structures to a new level of professional appearance and efficient installation. The rollers move smoothly along the eave tube, unlike hooks that catch and snag on sidewall rope. There is no sagging sidewall rope, and no hooks or Velcro to come loose. The top of the wall is closer to the eave tubing, keeping weather outside and valuable HVAC air inside the tent. The function of two-piece sidewall is also simplified, as roller wheels allow for easy movement along the track to zip or unzip the sidewall. Roller Sidewall is available in translucent, blockout, clear and window wall.

For more information, contact The SEC Group.

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