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Flooring systems offer ground protection

Products | April 1, 2008 | By:

Signature Flooring Systems introduces DuraDeck™, a line of heavy-duty ground protection and access mats that create a protective roadway, walkway or working platform over several types of terrains and surfaces. DuraDeck protects valuable lawns and landscaped areas from vehicle and equipment damage; provides traction for vehicles operating in mud, sand or soft terrain; and provides a safe and attractive pedestrian walkway or working platform.

DuraDeck1 (DD1) is a heavy-duty one-half-inch-thick recycled polyethylene plastic mat for protecting valuable lawns and surfaces from damage by vehicles and equipment.

DuraDeck2 (DD2) shares all the features of DD1, but offers a more attractive and pedestrian-friendly surface on one side and the same rugged traction design on the other side.

DuraDeck3 (DD3) is ideal for pedestrian use and where a more gentle tread pattern is required for the underside.

For more information, contact Signature Fencing & Flooring Systems LLC.

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