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Branded dome creates successful motorcycle event

Project Briefs | December 1, 2007 | By:

Pacific Domes offers its client a unique, branded dome for a show-stopping motorcycle event.

Event companies know that the stakes are high at corporate events, where clients may represent larger budget pools and future or repeat business. Whether the tented event is a corporate party or a product launch, clients often see it as an opportunity to create a specific brand experience. Last summer, Red Bull hired Pacific Domes to provide one of its dome structures with only a few weeks’ lead time. Red Bull needed to maximize its brand presence at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix event of the MotoGP, what is arguably the largest competition in motorcycle racing. The event took place at the Laguna Seca raceway near Monterey, Calif.

With very little planning time, Pacific Domes had to think creatively to get the product ready for the client. “Since we’re a pretty small company, I will sometimes rent an item that I don’t have already,” says Pacific Domes’ Greg Senior. “I had made this for another gig, and I was able to route it out to Red Bull first and then send it on to another client.” The 1,520-square-foot dome would have to be taken down and shipped directly from the raceway, but the structure was able to come down within two hours, allowing it to go straight out to its next appearance at the Virgin Festival in Baltimore, Md. The lightweight structure only needed a few hands for setup and takedown.

“With this particular client, we sent down two supervisors,” Senior says. “The client provided an additional couple of hands—I believe three other guys—just to serve as labor.” Usually, the dome would only need five or six hours of setup time, but once this dome was up, the client wanted something more. Red Bull had made a late decision to add TVs to the exhibit, without realizing how translucent the skin of the dome would be. Luckily, Pacific Domes had the answer the client was looking for: two covers. “I normally work that out beforehand—it’s usually a lot easier if you can install one cover, and I do have the blackout material in white,” he says. “We installed a black fabric cover to block the light, then we installed an exterior cover, and it ended up being a really cool effect.” In the end, he says, it was a very smooth operation, considering the challenges, and the client was pleased with the unique brand attention created by the dome.

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