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Site survey how-to

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1. Take along a site survey checklist form.

2. Gather pertinent information suchas event time, number of guests, traffic flow, location, prevailing weather conditions, and so on.

3. Measure the site.

4. Take note of the various aspects of the site. This can include — but is not limited to — drainage of the site (whether the area will become flooded if it rains), lot lines, landscaping and potential obstacles.

5. Check overhead and underground obstacles, including utility lines.

6. Review access to the site, including parking, turnaround area, steps, walkways and so on. Note anything that will require special attention or additional manpower.

7. Do a sketch of the site, using as much information as possible. Include measurements and landmarks.

8. Confirm the date and time of the event. Plan the arrival time for other vendors. Allow adequate time for each vendor to finish his or her part of the event.

9. Once back at your desk, write the order immediately. Be sure to include your drawings and maps.

Michael Tharpe is the sales manager for TopTec Products LLC and a member of the TRD Safety Committee. For more information on safety, visit

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