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Pertinent permit questions

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Michael Marchialette, event management director for Classic Party Rentals–Chicago, developed a questionnaire for Classic salespeople to help gather information that might be required in the permitting process. The form includes questions such as these:

  • In the event’s jurisdiction, is the rental company required to be licensed, bonded and/or insured? If so, how much will this cost, and are there any special related requirements?
  • What public office issues the permits?
  • Are permits required for temporary tents in this jurisdiction? If yes, are permits required for all tents or only specific sizes/types?
  • What is the fee structure? Are permit fees per permit or per tent? Are multiple tents on the same permit okay?
  • Who reviews the application and how long is a typical review process?
  • How detailed does the site plan need to be? Will a rough sketch suffice?
  • What forms of payment are acceptable (cash/check/credit card)?
  • Does the jurisdiction accept payment over the phone?
  • Is payment due with the application or with permit pickup?
  • How should the application be submitted—via email, FAX, or in person?

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